Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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    There seems to be an escalating competition between car manufacturers to invent complex brighter headlights and LED daytime lights under the guise of safety with no thought about the blinding effect upon other drivers

  2. John Rowlands Coventry UNITED KINGDOM

    People who need headlights on to see in good daylight need their eyes testing!

  3. Howard Redwood Horley UNITED KINGDOM

    Shining bright lights at each other is not road safety, it is stupidity!

  4. sally Mayne Bude UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree wholeheartedly with this petition. Overbright headlights are a pain, literally. On the motorway I have to regularly move my head position and sheild my eyes to avoid being dazzled.

  5. Kenneth Perham Horley UNITED KINGDOM

    The brightness of New Daytime Running Lights at dusk and then Xenon [Said Zenon] has a bluish white malevolence that angers you while your eyes recover. “That is not Road Safety”

  6. annick maas UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Barry Bordonaro london UNITED STATES

    overbright lights need to be abolished . The intensity now is past the point where most people physiologically cannot tolerate them. In particular the greater than 65 age group will have even more pronounced negative effects . These light intensities are now clearly causing more harm than good and must be stopped in the name not only of comfort but safety.

  8. Richard Daniells Smallfield UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Richard Miles Redhill UNITED KINGDOM

    keep up the good work Ken!

  10. Tery Dallimer Reigate UNITED KINGDOM

    I have many times been subjected and blinded by xenon lights. They are a complete nuisance….

    Merry Christmas Kenneth

  11. Dennis Abbott Norwich UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Sean Buckley Hope Valley UNITED KINGDOM

    Bright lights are great, but only when when there's no-one else on the road! BUT if you can't see where you're going with them on because the oncoming vehicle has equally bright lights dazzling you, what's the point? If you can't see where you're going, use high beam IF appropriate and/or slow down!!! This petition's recommendations are well overdue; car headlights, even dipped, are literally blinding, far from contributing to road safety. I am a motorcyclist and car driver; I am blinded as both. I live in a rural area on rural roads and even when I know the road I have to drive by guesswork because of constant oncoming vehicles blinding me at night. You cannot avoid it unless you drive with your eyes closed!

  13. C Deacon Castleton UNITED KINGDOM

    What an overdue petition! I have so long wanted something done about this. This matter MUST be taken seriously. I drive at night with almost constant retinal burnout because of ever-increasingly bright car and other vehicle headlights which are totally un-necessary in towns or on normal roads in normal conditions. Dipped beams are more dazzling than high beams now! Fog lights and many brake lights a menace, not a safety aid. If you can't see where you're going, slow down! Bright front lights are worse in fog than dull ones. Bright headlights do not contribute to road safety for any vehicle, but certainly do cause hazards. I am a motorcyclist and car driver, and former safety instructor. I am blinded when driving my car especially, even when driving with yellow glasses on (which isn't ideal on dark country roads where I live and drive). Even when I know the road, I have to drive by guesswork because of constant oncoming vehicles blinding me at night – it is so easy to miss a corner, bend, dip in the road etc for the several seconds when all night vision is lost. The only other alternative is to drive with your eyes closed!!! Bring back basic old fashioned dipped beam headlights: they were, an are, quite sufficient.

  14. Paul Simmons Smallfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Dat time led running lights are a real hazzard

  15. pete wright warwick

    Fair play to you for bringing this driving hazard to the attention of the ministry of transport, a review of this legal but dangerous driving condition needs to be re-evaluated asap

  16. Linda Forbes Cheshire


  17. paul caddick brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  18. maggie perham tunbridge wells UNITED KINGDOM

    It only takes a blink of the eye to cause an accident.These lights dazzle for so much longer, we need to eliminate the use of these lights in all motor vehicles.

  19. David Hatfield Grantham UNITED KINGDOM

    In my opinion Xenon lights have been a hazard to other road users ever since their introduction. I would liken them to "bullbars" – just another sales gimick that will only be outlawed when so many people have got them that the accident toll is obviously discernable

  20. Jason Berry High Wycombe UNITED KINGDOM
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