Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. Keith Raper Scarborough UNITED KINGDOM

    It seems crazy that with evidence that is INCREASES accidents DRL is going to be introduced. Cyclists and pedestrians are already at a disadvantage from the number of illegally dazzling LED lights on cars which must surely breach existing legislation regarding "not causing dazzle". What about the environmental cost as well.

  2. Bob Davies Tonbridge UNITED KINGDOM

    Please do something to stop these dangerous lights being fitted to vehicles. These things will cost lives, not save them.

  4. Jean Marriott Carlton UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Karen Ebert Norwich UNITED KINGDOM

    Please enforce a law to get these lights banned before more people get injured or worse.

  6. Mark Brooking Waltham Abbey FRANCE
  7. abi earl chippenham UNITED KINGDOM

    i find these overly bright lights an absolute nuisance i just cant see when faced with a oncoming car with these modern lights.

  8. Alan Jones Wellington UNITED KINGDOM

    They need banning from all vehicles, old and new.

  9. Peter Ward Burgess Hill UNITED STATES
  10. Derek Sarah Maidenhead UNITED KINGDOM

    Xenon lights, daytime lights and misused fog lights (i.e. when it is NOT foggy) should all be made illegal ASAP.

  11. steve welton christchurch UNITED KINGDOM

    hid lights trigger my migraines

  12. Ian Merther West Bromwich UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Michael Bateman New Romney UNITED STATES
  14. Alan Harvey Havercroft UNITED KINGDOM
  15. John Booth Warsop UNITED KINGDOM

    I like many others am fed up of being dazzled with those awful blue lights, and also i thinks daytime running lights are dangerous and can distract.

  16. Adam Rose London
  17. Jeff Layman UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Jonathan Maxwell Salisbury UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Adrian Godwin Bedford UNITED KINGDOM

    Abuse of overbright lighting is rife and this change to the law will only make it worse.

    Ignore the car manufacturers with their agenda to decorate and draw attention to their vehicles, and consider road safety instead.

  20. David DeBenedetto Centereach UNITED STATES
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