Gina Robins – Maximum Sentence

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Created November 24, 2011 by b

Animal Welfare

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    No suspended sentence, no community service. Jail.

  2. jennie sargent UNITED KINGDOM

    no suspended sentence, no feeble fine, maximum jail sentence

  3. Sam Shayer UNITED KINGDOM

    We need to start taking animal cruelty seriously annd ensure that the punishments are appropriate to the act. Whilst a lesser punishment of a fine or community service may be suitable for a lesser crime, this was torture and should be treated as such. Please show other animal torturers out that that this type of behaviour will no longer be tolerated and give the maximum jail time.


    Jail and she must also be banned from keeping ANY animal for life

  5. amy hamblin UNITED KINGDOM

    This case is so sickening and serious that 100s of people are asking you to impose the maximum sentence that you can. British laws on aimal abuse and their murder should be much tighter than they are.

  6. Karen Perfit UNITED KINGDOM

    Please ensure Gina Robins is given the maximum sentence for this most wicked and evil crime against an innocent animal which I am sure suffered greatly. This maximum sentence would also serve as a warning to other animal abusers that this cannot be tolerated. Thank you

  7. rhianne dillen

    maximum prison sentence and banned from keeping any animal

  8. rita ioannou UNITED KINGDOM



    please give this person maximum sentence for this horrific cruelty

  10. slumpy UNITED KINGDOM

    We do not need people such as this teaching their children that life is worth;ess, even if hers is. Please consider the maximum possible sentence, and also the safety of her children. She is a typical chav slapper who should learn to keep her microwave door closed…

  11. barry hilditch UNITED KINGDOM

    There is not much justice these days for people, but sadly our furry friends are much worse off.
    Please please please make sure that Gina Robins gets some of what she deserves by giving her the maximum sentence you can. It has to be a custodial sentence, nothing less will do. She should also be banned from having any animal in her care for life.


    A maximum sentence must be given by the Court in these circumstances. Not only has she taken the life of a defenceless creature, but in doing so, without a thought or care for the animal and its owner, has highlighted to me that she is devoid of emotions. If she has children, it also raises concerns about the care that they receive from her. It is a well known fact that animal abusers go onto abuse children. Deterants must be put in place to stop animal abuse, and I would urge you to pass the maximum sentence available for this evil act. Thank you.

  13. lisa firkin UNITED KINGDOM

    How discusting for this woman think she can do somthing so cruel and heartless to a defencless animal ,,,, microwave her for 5 mins see how she would like to die like that evil , EVIL EVIL WITCH .maxium sentence for her

  14. Faye

    Please ensure this scum receives the maximum sentence for prison and is banned from ever having ANY animals again. What a sick and horrible thing to do to such a small defenseless animal. Evil isn’t even a strong enough word for this woman. There must be justice and she MUST be made an example of to show any other animal abusers it will not be tolerated.

  15. Cherida Hivale

    This is a cold and calculated crime. One has to be really twisted to do something like this.

  16. liz spina UNITED KINGDOM

    evil bitch should be micrwaved , max sentance needed

  17. sandra mohammed UNITED KINGDOM

    evil scum should be made a example of maxiam sentance still wouldnt be enough

  18. Melissa Waring UNITED KINGDOM

    Evil *****! Throw the book at her. I hope it hits her so hard it’s torture for her!

  19. Christopher Lawton UNITED KINGDOM

    Maximum prison sentence please!!!!! As a tax payer I want to see proper justice done!!!!

  20. Angela Gatfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Its about time that crimes against animals were treated the same as crimes against humans, as someone who has such a disregard for life cannot be someone to be trusted. Animals have been shown time and again to show that they feel the same emotions as humans, they feel happiness, sadness, they mourn their dead. They also feel pain and fear, and god knows how much this poor baby went through before she died…

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