Gina Robins – Maximum Sentence

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Created November 24, 2011 by b

Animal Welfare

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There are currently 295 signatures for this petition:

  1. Ross Graham UNITED KINGDOM

    Send her down!

  2. Lisa Neste UNITED STATES

    Blatant cruelty of this magnitude must not be tolerated. A powerful message must be sent, by prosecuting this woman & this heinous crime to the fullest extent of the law!!

  3. Oliver Mercer

    Sick sick person. Microwave her.

  4. Gary Stone UNITED KINGDOM

    Inhumane,barbaric and totally unnecessary………….

  5. billie jean ackland UNITED KINGDOM

    this women desevres a long sentance

  6. andrew foster UNITED KINGDOM

    hope she burn’s in hell

  7. Elaine Pumfrey UNITED KINGDOM

    Put the woman in a microwave and switch on high for 15 minutes!

  8. Charise Broad UNITED KINGDOM

    Maximum sentence

  9. Sonja Rowland GERMANY

    Never mind your gripe against you neighbour, Liz, but what has this innocent kitten done to you?


    Incredibile !

  11. Pamela Goodchild UNITED KINGDOM

    Monsters like this need to be punished to send a strong message to our society that doing something like this is wrong.

  12. nancy sands UNITED STATES

    Off with her head!

  13. Shannon Thomas UNITED STATES

    Please prosecute her to the maximum extent of the law and send a strong statement to your community that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

  14. Les Lambert UNITED STATES

    I agree that this should be penalized to maximum possible

  15. Debbie Vergona UNITED STATES

    She deserves the maximum sentence for this horrendous act of cruelty.

  16. Irena CROATIA

    she deserves to be stoned

  17. paul dooley UNITED KINGDOM

    gina robins needs the full maximum sentence as a deterent to others

  18. Elizabeth Stephens CANADA

    There is no excuse for this kind of behavior, the kitty did nothing wrong and suffered immensely…and for what….nothing good could come out of this most heinous act of cruelty. We must be the voice for the voiceless, maximum punishment is called for here.

  19. jean davey UNITED KINGDOM

    Maximum sentence is still not enough for that scum.

  20. renata gorniak UNITED KINGDOM


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