Gina Robins – Maximum Sentence

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Created November 24, 2011 by b

Animal Welfare

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  1. In Ancient Egypt, killing a cat was crime punishable by death. I think they had it right!

  2. regina UNITED STATES

    I hope they fry her.

  3. Clare Davidson UNITED KINGDOM


  4. angel UNITED STATES

    How could anyone treat a God’s creatures like this! Horrible and shocking!

  5. Linda Trup UNITED KINGDOM

    This is horrific – how could this woman kill a kitten by microwaving it. I hope you give her the maximum sentence possible and show other animal abusers that this will not be tolerated in the UK. We need to have tougher sentences for these sort of people because if she doesnt care about the life of an animal then if she goes on to have children she may abuse them as well. Please make an example of this woman to make sure she does not do anything like this ever again and to protect the innocent from people like her.

  6. Patrizia Scally UNITED STATES

    I hope she burn in HELL!!!

  7. Luke Robertson

    There is no excusing this barbarity, the laws to punish people for these crimes need to be stronger and more heavily inforced

  8. Ruth McD

    Her punishment should be harsh!

  9. Yeshna Boyragee

    This Kitten deserves justice for as much as a human child does.

  10. Tim O'neill CANADA

    This woman must be sick.

  11. cathala Corine FRANCE

    C’est monstrueux elle mérite une peine exemplaire, c’est une détraquée, un monstre

  12. Catherine Heasley-Fann UNITED STATES

    What this woman did to this defenseless kitten was pure torture! She should be sentenced to the maximum allowable. Please show everyone that animal abuse will not be tolerated by your court.

  13. Constance Franklin UNITED STATES

    Please send a strong statement to your community that heinous acts of cruelty to animals can never be tolerated. Please prosecute her to the maximum extent of the law.

  14. Helen Viner UNITED KINGDOM

    im hearing of more & more cases of animal abuse everyday.The animal shelters have reported its on the rise.they are having more & more animals brought in suffering the most unimaginable injuries & pain inflicted on them. harsher sentences are needed to send out the messege that this will not be tolerated anymore..This horrendous suffering inflicted upon animals has to STOP….Harsher sentencing is the first step in the right direction….

  15. desanka sandulovic


  16. Andrea Mellars UNITED KINGDOM

    Please make an example of this woman. For far too long, the courts have treated animal abusers with far too much leniency. A maximum sentence may make others think before they commit such evil acts.

  17. David Powell UNITED KINGDOM

    Agree completely. It is high time that the courts punish acts like these that have such. Corrosive and depressing impact across the entire spectrum if our society

  18. Simon Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    Let’s hope this horrible inhumane woman gets what she deserves.

  19. Emma Dawson UNITED KINGDOM

    Lock this beast up! No human being with a moral consceince could do such a thing and if she cannot distinguish from right and wrong then she is a danger to society and should be locked up regardless . i really feel for the owner and the poor little kitten. Punish this depraved evil BEAST!!!

  20. Bev Curtis UNITED KINGDOM

    She deserves the maximum sentance for such an awful act.

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