No to the Devonwall boundary change

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Created August 13, 2010 by Jude


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  1. Barbara Muszynski Webb Penzance ECUADOR

    No to new boundaries

  2. Rachel Smart Knight Penzance UNITED KINGDOM
  3. John Nash Penzance UNITED KINGDOM

    The Cornish border has stood at the Tamar for over a thousand years. Cornwall is NOT Devon – the party that tries to abolish this distinction will not be forgiven by the people of Cornwall come election time.

  4. Palden Jenkins Hayle UNITED KINGDOM

    Devon and Cornwall have quite distinct interests, leanings and preferences.

  5. Keith Burgess Penzance UNITED STATES
  6. Arthur Burgess Penzance UNITED STATES
  7. Miriam Nash Penzance UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall begins and ends at the Tamar, and that's how it stays!!! We've already lost our individual local authorities to centralisation and now have just one governing council for the whole county. Merging us with Devon would be disastrous. It's bad enough that some of our postal districts are labelled with Plymouth postcodes!


    This move to amalgamate the two counties is outrageous. NO CONSULTATION is an infringement of our rights and opinions. One Council doesn't work and was not voted for by the people who live here; are we now to have another top-down decision imposed upon us?


    We Cornish and anyone who has made their home in Cornwall MUST fight this proposalwith all their might. Cornwall is a separate place with its own culture, language and identity.

  10. Laura Jillian and Sidney Thomas Leiworthy Penzance UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Sidney Thomas & Laura Jillian Leiworthy Penzance UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep the River Tamar as the
    border of Cornwall

  12. elizabeth BEER Camborne UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Maria Talboys Helston UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Robb Frost Saltash UNITED KINGDOM

    this must be stopped at all costs

  15. Julia Bradley Penzance UNITED KINGDOM

    Outrageous idea

  16. Danu Fox St Just UNITED KINGDOM


  17. Mary Fletcher St.Ives UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall must retain its integrity and boundary. Cornwall is not Devon as history shows. People will not accept this change, and proposing it shows a complete lack of understanding.

  18. Dorothy Oliver Penzance UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep constituences within Cornwall!. We are largely rural and need more MP,s per square mile than the home counties!

  19. Tyrone Homes Gwinear UNITED KINGDOM

    Leave our boundries alone. Arbitary boundries based on geographic size or population will only damage areas with a specific identity and uniqueness like Cornwall.

  20. Roger Bailey UNITED KINGDOM
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