No to the Devonwall boundary change

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Created August 13, 2010 by Jude


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  1. ann muller the lizard UNITED KINGDOM

    why is this bill being rushed though? If we don't want it

    Why is this bill being rushed through? We have been here since pre-history and are an example of good community-living. Why does Westminster want to upset our Nation? Have they no respect for our identity.

  2. Darren Jane Saltash UNITED KINGDOM

    This is just mad keep cornwall cornish

  3. Andrew Brown N/A UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Janet Harris St. Ives UNITED KINGDOM

    I am Cornish and do not want to be part of Devon or any other County for that matter. We have a long history and want to keep our identity.

  5. Dennis Carslake Bingham UNITED KINGDOM

    Mytin Dah
    Cornwall is unique and so are the people who live in it and come from it.
    Cornwall is not part of England and should not be noted as such.
    Kernewek and proud of it

  6. Marie Cornwall Bingham UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Nigel Martin Mons TURKEY

    This is complete and utter nonsense; there is no Act of Union between Cornwall and England! Despite 500+ years of 'absorbtion' into the English way of life, England cannot assume the monopoly on such decision-making. Anyone for a long march?

  8. Rogan Hart penryn UNITED KINGDOM

    why can't the English just accept we are different, it was recognised in Magna Carta, why change it now? we respect the English, why can't they repsect the Cornish?! or do they just want a share of any economic develpoment funds that is so sorely needed here.

  9. Stephanie McWilliam Callington UNITED KINGDOM

    There is absolutely no need for this change. It isn't wanted or needed and must be stopped.


    I believe that the Grand Bard said " Na wrewgh tava agin ordir!" and Gesewegh Kernow dhe vos Kernow!"

  11. Martyn Haywood Truro UNITED KINGDOM

    Yet another attempt from those who don't recognise or value local heritage – wherever it exists – to paint us all with the ssame brush. Part of the attempt to turn the country into an amorphous unit rather than the rich diversity of communities and culture that most of the Brtiish treasure. The people of Devon will be no happier with this proposal!!

  12. David Williams Redruth UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don't ignore the Tamar our historical border with Enland.

  13. ron allen Landrake UNITED KINGDOM
  14. serena kate allen Landrake UNITED KINGDOM
  15. David Anton Allen Landrake UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Hayli Allen Landrake UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Jane Housley-Jeive Hatt UNITED KINGDOM

    Cameron scoffed at the fact that the Tamar was not as wide as the Amazon but the cultural and social differences mean it is really far wider. This merging of the boundaries would be a disaster.

  18. Ruth Carter Liskeard UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep Cornwall Cornish.

  19. Susan Allen Sheffield UNITED KINGDOM

    Devon & Cornwall are completely separate Counties with very different social & economic needs. Lumping them together as one unit for political purposes will only lead to more deteroration & exclusion of Cornwalls public services in relation to those of its more prosperous & lucrative neighbour, Devon.


    Just does not make sense to merge a largely rural community with a city, just on a 'make up the numbers' basis. SE Cornwall has its own clear identity and politics that are totally different to those of Plymouth

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