No to the Devonwall boundary change

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Created August 13, 2010 by Jude


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  1. john keegan liskeard UNITED KINGDOM

    if i wanted to live in devon ould move, this has been totally forced on the local people

  2. samuel lyward liskeard UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Nigel Knuckey Truro UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall has a unique identity that should be respected.

  4. craig wherry st austell UNITED KINGDOM

    cornwall stays cornwall it isnt devon

  5. Debbie Caithness St Austell UNITED KINGDOM

    I am form Cornwall and when ever I leave for holidays, and other reasons, I always look forward to that 'Kernow a'gas dynergh' sign to let me know that I am home. Cornwall has a history, a language and it's own way of living. I am sorry but I want to keep that, and I am sure that there are a lot of people that would agree, even those that have left Cornwall and the teenagers that always say 'I hate Cornwall there is nothing to do' would agree that this is a bad idea.

  6. Carolyne Quest Shildon UNITED KINGDOM

    As a ex pat there is no way the two counties should be merged to suit King David

  7. Hannah Morley Truro


  8. WindRose Morris ludgvan, Penzance UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall is Cornwall. Devon is Devon. very different places.

  9. Joanne Sanders Truro UNITED KINGDOM

    The idea of a 'Devonwall' is disgraceful. Cornwall is unique and is separated from England by the Tamar – long may this continue. I would also like to mention that I am appalled that our local MP's have since failed to vote against the Bill. This would result in the Cornish people losing their national border.

  10. Bruce Crowhurst Saltash UNITED KINGDOM

    I wouldn't trust the Boundary Commission to get anything right e.g. 123 councillors for Cornwall Council. Reduce the number of MPs by 50% to resolve this.

  11. Simon Thomas Camborne SPAIN


  12. Charlotte Carling Newquay UNITED KINGDOM

    Clegg and Cameron are slimy filthy examples of people and they are representing us! They are forgetting the idea of democracy and are making decisions quickly and without any decent, thought through opinions all based on numbers and figures and not real people. Not only will lib dems have lost all young voters for years to come but if this goes through Cornish voters too in an area very strong for the lib dems.

  13. petra tate st austell

    why should we have to become devonwall?
    at the end of the day we fought long enough to be able to put cornish on census reports. i am cornish and proud of that i am not from Devon, and as for its only the tamar. well maybe to him, but was it just treliske when his daughter was born? or did he want to travel to derriford. i was born in princess alexandra ward treliske when it was first opened, and i was raised in cornwall not a part times. my descendents i have traced to 1500 and they would turn in their graves if they thought this was passed.
    no to devonwall. kernow (one and all) one county all the people

  14. Simon Margetts St Dennis UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Mo Noall Madron UNITED KINGDOM

    Kernow Bys Vyken We have our own flag, language, and culture, Our spectacular and historic environment must never be erroded by boundry changes.

  16. terence carne newquay UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Becky Nicholls Truro UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Philip Richards Pershore UNITED KINGDOM

    Devonwall is a travesty and should not be implemented.

  19. Jordan Alford Liskeard UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall is Cornish

  20. Alan Trevennor Camelford UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally opposed to this. Cornwall should retain its distinctive character and representation.

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