No to the Devonwall boundary change

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Created August 13, 2010 by Jude


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There are currently 456 signatures for this petition:

  1. Wendy Trevennor Camelford UNITED KINGDOM

    This must never happen. Cornwall is very proud of its identity and this should be respected and properly represented.

  2. Derek Gane Launceston
  3. Susan Stickney Tresparrett UNITED KINGDOM

    Born in Devon, but live in Cornwall. Each county is beautiful, but as different as chalk and cheese. We need our own identities!

  4. V Gill Boscastle UNITED KINGDOM

    no no no this must not happen.

  5. Laurence Trevennor Camelford UNITED KINGDOM

    A few bureaucrats cutting costs aren't going to steal our identity.\\r\\nKeep our counties separate.

  6. caroline mccarthy indian queens UNITED KINGDOM

    what a daft idea!


    Keep Cornwall and Devon separate.

  8. david wheeler camborne UNITED KINGDOM
  9. S King Redruth UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Kerry Lenaghan St Columb Major UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Tracey Weller Wadebridge UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Pat Williams Porthtowan UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall is part of England but it is a county in its own right as is Devon. Let us have our own counties. We'll be part of Wiltshire next or somewhere. Will they do away with all boundaries and have one for England? You never know with these governments!

  13. Sally Burley Redruth UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Kath Perkin St. Ives UNITED KINGDOM

    No, I don't agree with this, Cornwall and Devon should remain as two separate Counties.

  15. Mary Murfin Falmouth UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall & Devon both have their own unique identity and I would hate to see this lost.

  16. Cath Elliss North Country
  17. Maria McEwen Penzance UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall has different needs and different lifestyles to Devon and is a county in it's own right. We should have our own independent identity.

  18. Simon Cook Penzance UNITED KINGDOM

    No to Devonwall boundry change

  19. Fay Swan St Austell UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall is very much it's own county and should be treated as such. Moving power to another county is not acceptable. It is not in the best interest of the country nor the people who live here.\r\n\r\n\r\nIf the gov want to save money I suggest they bring their won expenses and salaries right down.

  20. Barrymore Thomas REDRUTH UNITED KINGDOM

    This Devon & Cornwall mix must not be allowed. Cornwall is Cornwall, Devon is Devon – Simple.

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