No to the Devonwall boundary change

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Created August 13, 2010 by Jude


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There are currently 456 signatures for this petition:

  1. David Robins Weston-super-Mare UNITED STATES

    If we must have a Parliament in London dictating our lives, then it must represent communities, not statistics.

  2. Angela Payne-Hanlon Saltash UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Peter Payne-Hanlon Saltash UNITED KINGDOM

    I have no problem with a reduction in numbers of MPs. However the Cornwall Tamar boundary should be sacrosanct

  4. Trudy Rowe Looe NEW ZEALAND

    I am Cornish born & bred & proud to be so. Cornwall has a very special identity of it's own which should be preserved. Keep the boundaries as they are

  5. Susan Walters Deal UNITED KINGDOM


  6. Gillian Sabotig BUDE UNITED KINGDOM

    Leave the Cornish boundary alone.

  7. mandy larkins bude UNITED KINGDOM
  8. erle Lanham-Ward Coventry UNITED KINGDOM

    not over my dead body!

  9. susan elizabeth brennan torpoint UNITED KINGDOM

    Say no to the proposed to the new boundries

  10. Georgia Rowe Wellington, New Zealand NEW ZEALAND

    Born in Truro and raised in St.Neot. I'm a very proud Cornish woman and my simple response to this proposal is NO. It CANNOT happen. The very idea is laughable.

  11. dave hayes UNITED KINGDOM
  12. gemma hayes UNITED KINGDOM
  13. avril ross wrexham UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Sylvia Rowe Falmouth UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall has a history that is world wide,we would all wish it to remain its own county so please take note of all CORNISH PEOPLE

  15. Corina Clement Saltash UNITED KINGDOM

    If there has to be a cross border constituency surely it would make sense to have similar areas on either side, with comparable needs.

  16. Mark Wyatt Bude UNITED KINGDOM

    I'm not Cornish,although we have had very close family ties for nearly a Century with my Dad's Family in St Ives,i live in Bude,CORNWALL,NOT Bude, devon,thats the i like it,just say "NO!"to Devonwall.Cornwall is a land apart,.keep it that way

  17. Linda Taylor Saltash UNITED KINGDOM
  18. sandy matthews merstham

    keep cornwall, cornwall.

  19. philip john matthews st.newlyn east SWEDEN

    cornwall should stay cornwall

  20. Rosalyn Glaser Millbrook Torpoint UNITED KINGDOM

    The Rame peninsula may be just a ferry trip away from Plymouth but is culturally so different. Plymouth is a large city – Rame is remote and rural. Sharing a PL postcode is confusing enough; non-locals think we live in Devon. Now we are being asked to rely on a busy urban-based MP from another county who is unlikely to make the time or effort to cross the Tamar and listen to our particular needs.

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