No to the Devonwall boundary change

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Created August 13, 2010 by Jude


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There are currently 456 signatures for this petition:

  1. Susan Davey Redruth UNITED KINGDOM

    I have always voted Lib Dem,
    If you change Cornwall's border, I and my friends will never vote for you again.

  2. Catherine Quayle Cameron Park, California UNITED STATES

    Keep the Brit mitts off Cornwall!

  3. Margaret Marshall Bodmin UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep Cornwall Cornish and dual the A30 at Temple

  4. John Gillingham, Lord of Connerton and Penwith Camborne UNITED KINGDOM

    Mebyon Kernow
    Kernow bys vyken!

  5. Alexander Little Barnstaple UNITED KINGDOM

    The political will of a minority party manipulating borders to their best advantage, Liberals are not for me! Keep Cornwall Celtic.

  6. Elaine DeMicco Cambria, CA UNITED STATES

    Keep Cornwall's border with Devon the same.

  7. Janice Davis UNITED STATES

    What a ridiculous proposal!!! Find some other way to save money!

  8. Judy Powell San Diego, California USA UNITED STATES

    Keep the Tamar River as the border of Cornwall.

  9. Alene Reaugh UNITED STATES
  11. Emily van der Linden Bude NETHERLANDS

    I am proud to be Cornish. For my whole life that has meant something. We are not the richest county and there are not many of us, but we are a proud people. Please respect this and keep the Cornish boundary where it is.

  12. anthony warne redruth GERMANY

    this is our county, so why can you leave us alone. if i had my way i would blow the bridges up, its no ones land apart from the cornish, we are a nation just like scotland and wales

  13. nicola warne camborne GERMANY

    keep cornwall as it is why try to fix summat that aint broken

  14. sheralee jade warne redruth GERMANY

    why join to countrys 2gether is it to save goverment money

  15. Nessa Brown N/A UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Poppy Wonnacott Bude UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Allister Mills St Austell UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Colleen Webb Edenhope AUSTRALIA

    I am of Cornish origin. Please keep Cornwall as it is.

  19. john lakey bodmin UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Carole Rashleigh Helston UNITED KINGDOM

    Cornwall's boundary is over 1000yrs old. Any areas of N or SE Cornwall have nothing in common with Plymouth etc. They would loose out to the bigger conurbations.

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