No to Tory Police Cuts in London

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Created June 7, 2010 by joe


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  1. andrew syndercombe bexleyheath

    since the snt"s the area in which i live in has become a much safer place to go about in and to cut these services would be ludicrous.Also we need more police on the beat as well not less think about peoples safety rather than money,i would rather pay a bit xtra poll tax than lose these services.

  2. Elizabeth Lindsay London UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Michael Page London UNITED KINGDOM
  5. katrina wall bexleyheath UNITED KINGDOM

    help to keep our neighbourhoods safe!by backing ken livingstones petition!

  6. Peter Williams Erith UNITED KINGDOM

    We need our local bobbies as anti social behavior is rife here. Please don't cut them.

  7. lynn barber Orpington UNITED KINGDOM

    Any cuts are not helpful. We can't complain if we let the government make these cuts! We need as much Policing as is possible, crime is out of control!

  8. Colin Moon Harrow UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Siobhan Cleary UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Roy Garland Welling UNITED KINGDOM

    My daughter along with 2000 recruits who passedd entrance tests have been told after waiting 2 years that they are no longer needed and should try again in 2-3years

  11. Wendy Bellis Croydon UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Roxanne Misir UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Aided Ali London UNITED KINGDOM

    London needs forward thinking mayor,who can listen the communities and individuals who are living it.understand the needs of metropolitan snd grown from there.not a narrow minded mayor like Borris.\r\n

  14. Diane Mooney Carshalton UNITED KINGDOM
  15. kandiah pathmaseni Southfields CAMBODIA

    Security is paramount to London ata time when terrorism is roming.

  16. Lee brown UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Frederick Pyne London UNITED KINGDOM


  18. David Hughes Feltham UNITED KINGDOM

    The Tories may want to get up close and hug a hoodie but the rest of london dont

  19. Les Jackson LB Hounslow UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop Tory Metropolitan Police Officer and safer neighbourhood police teams cuts.\r\nLGBT HATE Crime and Burglaries are on the increase. No feels safe on the streets anymore.

  20. Ray Harvey-Amer Croydon UNITED KINGDOM

    No reduction in our London Poice numbers & neighourhood police Teams. It'll be back to the bad times on the streets with the vulnerable frightened to go out.

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