No to Tory Police Cuts in London

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Created June 7, 2010 by joe


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There are currently 347 signatures for this petition:

  1. sandie albery penge UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Peter clayton london UNITED KINGDOM

    Boris as we all knew is now showing his true colours

  3. Henna Shah UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Stephanie Clark UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Karin Ann Papps Harrow UNITED KINGDOM

    For many people tha Safer Neighbourhoods allowed people, not only to feel that their local area was being pro actively policed by professionals who were able to be contacted, but for communities to become more engaged. We cannot go back and there is still so much more to do. Without the policing numbers increasing communities will again feel neglected and isolated. We need to continue recruiting Police officers from all parts of society. The new idea to force potential candidates to work as Special Constables will lead to an underrepresentation of women in the police. \\r\\n

  6. samer chaaban Acton UNITED KINGDOM

    Boris Johnson must leave his post straight away, because what he is doing is crazy. we need more police officers, we need more safer neighbourhood police temas and cheaper transport.

  7. Darren Randall Sutton UNITED KINGDOM
  8. David Brogan Worthing UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Laura Swaffield London UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Peter McInerney Romford UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Jen McClelland UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Joanna Bornat London UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Mark Shapiro London UNITED KINGDOM

    NO There should be NO CUTS to the police OR the safer neighbour hood teams, I live in Hackney where knife crime amongst young savages is rife. Without these teams it leaves alot of people at a massive risk. Unless you can live WITH BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS???? Because that's what will be said by the press when MORE people start getting stabbed because there's not enough POLICE combat the problem because somebody cut their numbers. It's oh so ok for you people who live in your big houses and posh neighbour hoods with your uber rich friends, you can just walk away from here and leave the rest of us to suffer the consequences, THANKS!! You said that when you got in government you would listen to the people, you would take power away from whitehall. WELL, LISTEN!!!! NO TO POLICE CUTS

  15. Chris Owen UNITED KINGDOM

    It is vital to maintain the numbers of police officers in London to ensure crime and anti social behaviour continues to decline and Londoners feel safe on the streets.

  16. Tom Tabori UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Adrian Lobb London UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Sarah Hughes London UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Renee Hosking London UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Mike Squires London UNITED KINGDOM

    It is disgraceful that our safety is being threatened by these cuts

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