No to Tory Police Cuts in London

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Created June 7, 2010 by joe


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There are currently 347 signatures for this petition:

  1. Sean Clare London UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Tabitha Cedenio UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Sharon Edwards UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Louise Hutchins London UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Richard McCarthy UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Martin Waghorn London UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Edward Jones London

    I used to be a security guard, and we were always told not to patrol alone- you dont see behind you. If a group of people surround you – you don't see who hit you from behind The idea of sending the police out on patrol on their own is ludicrous. Remember Mr. Johnson there are votes in this. If this happens don't expect me to vote for you again!

  9. Wendy Cummings London UNITED KINGDOM

    Just ridiculous!

  10. ben kember UNITED KINGDOM
  11. John Chadwick Dartford UNITED KINGDOM

    How stupid was I to vote Tory.These proposed cuts will definately see a rise in crime.Whats the chances of getting caught with 25 per cent less staff??Disgraceful

  12. Lorna Extence beckenham UNITED KINGDOM

    Having fought to have the right amount of police on our doorsteps over, which I feel has been opver the past 20 years+ – again we now face a free for all for criminals and those who will certainly take advantage of this and will surely lead to a more insecure community (again) and an increase in all the areas of crime, including personal violence.

  13. Carol Adolphus beckenham
  14. parminder dhillon bradford UNITED KINGDOM

    We people of this country depend on our Police Force.When cut backs are made you cannot possibly expect the Police to do their jobs in full capacity will less Officers.

  15. Ireneus L A Ysselmuiden Wheathampstead UNITED STATES
  16. Nicholas Castell UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Azad alimohamed Stanmore UNITED KINGDOM

    Was given date july 19th to start training for Designated Detention officer and then put on hold till new update before end of year

  18. Stephen Kenneth Jaques Romford UNITED KINGDOM

    Cutting police number is a open door for crime to rise.

  19. Dean Rogers Hove, Sussex UNITED KINGDOM

    It's disgusting that our government once again give us false information when asking for our votes… Get the idiots out!

  20. David Preston St Helens UNITED KINGDOM
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