No to Tory Police Cuts in London

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Created June 7, 2010 by joe


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  1. Stephen Gibson Merton UNITED KINGDOM

    We need the neighbourhood team, they are a great asset to the borough.

  2. Yavor Zlatev Southgate UNITED KINGDOM

    Sack the Tories,not the police


    Hi Ken \r\nHope you are successfull on this one !!

  4. Jill Warren Worcester Park UNITED KINGDOM

    My daughter was mugged in the early hours of Saturday morning whilst walking along Worcester Park High Street. We definitely do not need less police, we need more.

  5. Kathy McGuigan London UNITED KINGDOM

    I believe that Police numbers need to be maintained. I also think that the policy of only taking new Met police recruits from the ranks of Special Constables is a retrograde step that will reduce access for people from many groups. We need the police to be more representative, not less.

  6. John Quattromini london UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Dean Ayres Acton UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Catherine McCarthy Bedford UNITED KINGDOM

    It is an outrage that the government should be reducing police presence in the capital at this time, especially in view of the financial attacks. Cant the police be financed by the return of our money proping up the bankers?

  10. Barry Palmer Canvey Island UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Dot Palmer Canvey Island UNITED KINGDOM
  12. David Gilbertson London UNITED KINGDOM

    Go ahead Boris and cut even deeper! The waste of resources in the Met is a public scandal. No one will notice the disappearance of these officers.

  13. Denis Hawkins Hanwell UNITED KINGDOM
  14. kirsty mabb london UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Robert Wilson UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Martin Anderson London UNITED KINGDOM

    London has a much greater crime situation to deal with, now is not the time to be scrimping as the Tories do so love to do. First they raise our Oyster Fairs, and now they want to cut the Police. BRING BACK KEN!

  17. Mark David-Gray Nunhead UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Dave Daniels Croydon UNITED KINGDOM
  19. carolyn syndercombe bexleyheath

    We want more officers on the street and to keep pcso in there jobs in roles like safer neighbourhoods teams.

  20. Alistair Paterson UNITED KINGDOM
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