No to Tory Police Cuts in London

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Created June 7, 2010 by joe


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There are currently 347 signatures for this petition:

  1. Roy Lockett Kentish Town UNITED KINGDOM

    London can be a big dangerous place. Keep it safer.

  2. Angela Lacle UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Ann Phoenix London UNITED KINGDOM
  4. kevin gaffney london UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Harunur Rashid Camden UNITED KINGDOM

    Job cut means cut in services. Human kinds all over the world progressing not going behind. Improving and widening of services is the sign of progress and it is an universal truth. Denying this fact is not credit in politics rather reverse is the credit.

  6. Christine Protz Tottenham UNITED KINGDOM

    I live in a poor, overcrowded area, and we rely on good policing to ensure safety and help us to live together. The neighbourhood teams have been invaluable in this

  7. Agnieszka Zielinska-Schroder London

    What's going to be next? the number of doctors at the hospital? Should we take these matters in our hands and resolve crime our own way? Boris, think where you are trying to look for money? Maybe instead of cutting the numbers of police officers you should rather abandon the plan of putting new roadmasters on the streets! That's totally outrages to spend money on something so not important in such tough times we are facing now!!

  8. Katie Kinnear Wood Green UNITED KINGDOM

    Don't scrap the safer neighbourhood police teams, they're making real differences round here (N22)

  9. Anthony Baldwin Wood Green FRANCE

    The National promise was no Frontline Cuts: please deliver that promise without any resort to smoke and mirrors.

  10. Christopher Perkins Tottenham UNITED KINGDOM

    We want an increase in policing in London not a decrease

  11. Anthony Walters London UNITED KINGDOM
  12. T. Love-Taylor Tottenham UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Katie Louise Jones London UNITED KINGDOM

    Crime in my neighbourhood is pretty bad so there's a real need for more police officers, not less!

  14. Nancy Jones UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Krupesh Hirani Brent UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Alan Hall Lewisham UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Ha Flo London UNITED KINGDOM

    Less police, more crime!!!!

  18. Amy Jackson Stoke Newington UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Mo Regan London UNITED KINGDOM

    As a victim of crime twice in the last year I hate the idea of there being even less Police around to catch the perpetrators.

  20. Anooshah Farakish London UNITED KINGDOM
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