No to Tory Police Cuts in London

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Created June 7, 2010 by joe


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There are currently 347 signatures for this petition:

  1. John Paschoud Lewisham UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Simon Evans UNITED STATES
  3. Bill Stephenson Harrow UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Mike Haw London UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Mohammad Shafique Ahmad Choudhary London
  6. Valerie Shawcross London UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Kana Naheerathan Queensbury

    Please do not cut police officers as we need them more.\r\n

  8. Veronica King London UNITED KINGDOM
  9. David Boothroyd London UNITED KINGDOM

    Around my ward and especially on the Warwick and Brindley and Amberley Estates we need good skilled police with local knowledge. Budget cuts destabilize and undermine them even if they keep their jobs.

  10. Eileen Allen Dover UNITED KINGDOM

    I am in London almost as much as I am in Dover. My husband was a Met. Officer and my son is a serving Met Officer.

    London needs more police not fewer. What happened to Tory law & order and the need to stop offending and protecting your citizens?


    Please Do not go ahead with Police Cuts in London.

  12. Margaret McLennan Willesden Green

    No to cuts

  13. TJ Esubiyi Kingston UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Oliver Barrett Hackney, London UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Keith Winestein London UNITED KINGDOM

    No cuts to Policing London

  16. Rachel Mowbray UNITED KINGDOM

    The specials were introduced to support the police not to replace them. If we want a save London then we must pay our officers.

  17. Belinda Washington UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Adam Boyce Tottenham UNITED KINGDOM
  19. danny Hackett BEXLEY UNITED KINGDOM
  20. karin lock london

    what a ****! lets hope his house gets burgled, he gets mugged and his tyres slashed.

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