Save Brent libraries from closure

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Created January 25, 2011 by Stephen


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  1. Stephen Bax West London UNITED KINGDOM

    Don't cut the libraries because once they are gone we will never get them back.

  2. Tara Brady Brent UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Shujaul Azam UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Lawrence Poole Ealing UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Jack Griffith Ealing UNITED KINGDOM
  6. David Baker London UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Iain Fisher London UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Andrew Scott London UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Joanna Bowring UNITED KINGDOM

    I live in Doyle Gardens with 2 children aged 4 and 2. The library is a brilliant focus and a real community centre, and it is tragic and a betrayal of that community that those in control of our budget consider closing Kensal Rise Library and five others is preferable to building a mega-library; it will simply not be used by those who really need it.

  12. Sagar Shah Wembley UNITED STATES

    Save Preston Library, it is highly used for its small size, near many schools, and on a high street location

  13. Laura Collignon Kensal Green UNITED KINGDOM

    Local libraries are a vital community space especially in these difficult economic times. It is disappointing that our local councillors are not listening to the voice of the community and are not enthusiastic about working with the community to keep our libraries open. They should be supporting our efforts, not being dismissive of them.

  14. Nicholas Rankin Kensal Rise UNITED KINGDOM

    Ralph Waldo Emerson described a library as 'a sort of haven'. In hard times, we need free public libraries more than ever.

  15. Nick Laney London UNITED KINGDOM
  16. David Butcher Kensal Green UNITED KINGDOM
  17. James Hogan Kensal Rise UNITED KINGDOM

    This library has been open for 110 years, surviving two World Wars,and a Great Depression in the 1920s. Do Brent have the right to close it now ???

  18. Amanda Diamond Harlesden UNITED KINGDOM

    Local libraries are vital to the community – especially in a less affluent area such as Kensal Green/ Harlesden. It's criminal – not to mention hugely shortsighted in terms of social mobility – to close ours down.

  19. Peter Corcoran Wembley UNITED KINGDOM

    I have used Tokyngton Library for many years and it has always been very busy with people sitting about reading. Crazy to close such an important community facility.

  20. Lynne Loy Pontefract UNITED KINGDOM

    The world will be a poorer place without a free public library service for all

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