Save Brent libraries from closure

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Created January 25, 2011 by Stephen


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  1. Sarah Peacock London UNITED KINGDOM

    Kensal Rise library is my local. I think it is so quaint, and the women who work there are the most helpful, and friendly that I have met for quite some time, and therefore it is a a joy to enter the building.
    I am writing to say, please don't close one of the last vestiges of community spirit left..
    Thanks so much,
    Yours sincerely,
    Sarah Peacock

  2. Romek Szczesniak Kensal Rise UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Tiffany Taylor Kensal Green UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Antonia Gray Wokingham UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Clayton Crabtree Cricklewood UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Avril Mackintosh Kensal Green UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Jude Allen London UNITED KINGDOM

    I thoroughly support the Save Brent Libraries from Closure'. This is a vitally important service for our local community, particularly in these times of economic hardship. But we need seed funding from Brent Council to properly develop alternative partnership schemes with potential sponsors. It is a scandalous waste of money to fund a spearate library development in Wembley when the money could be better used to support those libraries already threatened with closure in Kensal Green and Kensal Rise.

  8. Priya Shah wembley

    Ed Miliband is against the library cuts. He has gone on record to say so. Why are his councillors going along with the Govt agenda?

  9. jayshree mistry wembley UNITED KINGDOM

    my children are bookwowrms and go to preston library at least once a week after school. this will be impossible if it is closed – what will the others who come to study do – hang around on the streets?? the computers are always booked/ in use. KEEP OUR LIBRARY OPEN!!!!

  10. Eva Labak Wembley UNITED KINGDOM
  11. john samuel clarke willesden UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Margaret Bailey Kensal Rise UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Mike Casselden Newcastle Upon Tyne UNITED KINGDOM

    I went to Queen's Park Road Primary School in the 50s from a working class community near Kensal Rise. I failed my 11 plus but got to the Willesden Secondary Art School at Willesden technical College. As a child, both the school and my parents encouraged me to use the library in Kensal Rise which undoubtedly helped my own development and I am outraged that the council is proposing to close it. This philistine act will impoverish the local community, especially children, denying them the rights and pleasures of accessing books and information which should be available in any civilised society. Shame on the council and I sign my name in the hope that you can win this campaign and keep the library open for the benefit of all

  14. saiqa batool

    Please do not close cricklewood library. I have been using this library since age of 5. It is a focal point of our community.

  15. Sian Beenstock London UNITED KINGDOM

    Save the Libraries!

  16. Jane Rees London UNITED KINGDOM
  17. jeremy ridge Kensal green UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Kate Bodsworth Mill Hill UNITED KINGDOM

    I lived in Kensal Rise/Harlesden for a decade, till last year. The provision of libraries is vital to give the children of this deprived area a chance. Without literacy they won't have a hope. These cuts will cost us all very dear in a few years' time.

  19. Anne wilkinson wilkinson london UNITED KINGDOM

    library means community

  20. Camilla Child London UNITED KINGDOM
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