Stop UK Forestry Destruction

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Created October 25, 2010 by Ian


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  1. Symon Rowland UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Jonathan Home West Kirby UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Leanne Crawford UNITED KINGDOM

    Complete lack of understanding from the government, regardless of what clauses are written into sales contracts, those buying forests for commercial reasons will undoubtably find a loop hole within days

  4. Dave Mellor London UNITED KINGDOM

    Mercenary and ideological – for no good reasons

  5. Ashley Collier Shirebrook UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Jean Turner Saxmundham UNITED KINGDOM

    This awful government MUST leave the forests alone.

  7. Clive Burlton Banbury UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Alan Irving Durham City
  9. Will Turner Brixham UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Barry Saddington Hayling Island UNITED KINGDOM

    I believe the small monetary saving the government expect this change to yield is not worth it. I firmly believe the proposed change is certainly likely to put our forests into the wrong hands. In particular I am afraid of ownership going out of the UK.

  11. Vicky Saddington Hayling Island UNITED KINGDOM

    my main concerns are around possible restriction of access to the public, how well the forests will be managed and the fact that they could pass into foreign ownership

  12. Granville Victor Randerson Hull UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Linda Randerson Hull UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Gwenifer Shawyer Scunthorpe UNITED KINGDOM
  15. John Postlethwaite Chorley UNITED KINGDOM

    In practice the proposal appears to have less to do with the Big Society and more to with market driven ideology.

  17. Michael Fearneyhough Darlington UNITED KINGDOM

    Hands off our forests.

  18. Stewart Collins Stafford UNITED KINGDOM

    These forests if privatised would be closed to the public for walking and enjoyment. We would need another mass trespass to reclaim them. They are our forests already. The governmnet has no right to sell them to privcate companies.

  19. Joanna Pearson Chipperfield UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Rita Wright York UNITED KINGDOM
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