Stop UK Forestry Destruction

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Created October 25, 2010 by Ian


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  1. jacky kaye sheffield UNITED KINGDOM

    i also have a few friends who do not own a computer who would like to vote.what do they do?


    I would be very sorry to see any access restricted or stopped.

  3. michael gilfrin UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Simon Griffin Taunton UNITED KINGDOM

    Yet another UK travesty! Rape the poor & worry not about the rich, as they'll all own the forests anyway by then…


    Dont let hem do it

  6. David Barker wrexham UNITED KINGDOM

    not in my name, do i wish to see any government, sell to private owners. what belongs to me they have done so in the past with no benifit to normal tax payer.this time Isay they go too far

  7. Rachael Hare Northwood UNITED KINGDOM

    The countryside and the freedom that it gives anyone whether resident in the UK or visiting is open to anyone regardless of colour, class,age. It provides a sense of one with nature that is free from the stresses of everyday life. The countryside brings people, couples, families and people together whether they are walking alone, sharing the experience with their dog organised groups or couples. Whilst everything else is privatised the countryside should be left as it is. Life is not all about money!!!

  9. morris cohen GERMANY
  10. Geoff Davey UNITED KINGDOM
  11. David Reed London UNITED KINGDOM

    What are the LibDems doing, nothing as usual!?

  12. Angus Reid Liskeard UNITED KINGDOM

    This government is determined to asset strip any public resource for private profit.

  13. sharon parker scunthorpe UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Richard Drover Bridgend UNITED KINGDOM
  15. iona mclaggan bridgend UNITED KINGDOM

    I am horrified that the government can even contemplate putting a resource like this at risk

  16. Gareth Storey Colne

    Let me know what we can do…….

  17. jennifer Turner York UNITED KINGDOM

    As ever this Tory-led government is selling off national assets to its friends so that they can have tax efficient holdings free from inheritence tax.

  18. Michael Knutton Falmouth UNITED KINGDOM

    This backdoor privatisation willnevitably lead to a serious loss of public amenities

  19. Michael Knutton Falmouth UNITED KINGDOM

    This back door privatisation will inevitable lead to a serious loos of public access and amenities.

  20. Michael Pearson HUDDERSFIELD SPAIN
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