Stop UK Forestry Destruction

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Created October 25, 2010 by Ian


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  1. Susan Easteal SPAIN
  2. William Pringle Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    The Tories' ideological agenda fore privatisation knows no bounds. Aided and abetted by Lib Dem partners who have shown moral bankruptcy over this issue. The forests are a legacy from the past that we hold in trust for the future – they belong to us all – not a privileged minority of feudal owners, nor a bunch of profiteers looking for the 'main chance'.

  3. Catherine Pringle Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    For future generations- lets keep our forests and national parks.

  4. Robert Lee Salisbury UNITED STATES

    This land is our heritage – given to the people. It is the last bastion of our individual freedom, allowing everyone to visit our beautiful woodlands.It is an absolute obscenity-to hit the soft underbelly of an unprotected public.For this govt to hit the 'serfs'shows how much they care about us. We are 'cannon fodder' in their eyes, what a contemptible crowd of cowards & scumbags.I know of people who have given the best part of their lives to ensuring that our forests continue to give so much pleasure to the nation.These people are now being treated in an appalling manner, with the real possibilty of losing their jobs and their homes.Mary Antoinette said 'let them eat cake' with the result that the 'serfs' revolted-hance the French revolution and we all know what happened to the higher echelon of that particular society! The proverbial rope at breaking point has now been reached – beware the consequences!

  5. Maurice Cropper Knighton UNITED KINGDOM

    My family walk in the Forestry Commission Kinsley Woods inShropshire every day. It is maintained for both people and wildlife and must not be sold off.
    Nor must any of our forests. To do so would be a national disgrace.

  6. Rianne Newman Belper UNITED KINGDOM

    I feel very strongly that our forests remain in public possession

  7. Jan Slatter high wycombe UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Ian Boardman Manchester UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Geoff Barber Clay Cross UNITED KINGDOM

    The prime bastion of 'freedom to roam' under threat to bolster MP's pay & expenses….shame on their/our House!

  10. maureen McPherson staindrop UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Andy Harrison Telford UNITED KINGDOM


  13. R Murchie Eastleigh UNITED KINGDOM

    Forestry management has to balance access by growing populations and the needs of wildlife

  14. Neil Burton Prudhoe UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Janet Lock Basingstoke UNITED KINGDOM

    really worries me that in a couple of years time land will be sold for developement

  16. Stephen Fleming kingsclere UNITED KINGDOM

    I don't like the idea now and I'm quite sure I'll hate it in 20 years' time.

  17. Sally Clayton UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Lynn Hoey UNITED KINGDOM

    When are government going to realise that natures value is not purely monetary!!!



  20. Joyce Sweeney Basildon UNITED KINGDOM
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