Stop UK Forestry Destruction

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Created October 25, 2010 by Ian


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  1. Jacqueline Wiesinger Alton

    The government must not be allowed to sell off our forests, they can't sell what they don't own, the forests should be there to be enjoyed by everyone.

  2. Neil Kelly Brighton UNITED KINGDOM

    Save Kings Wood Challock

  3. Rebecca Young Gateshead UNITED KINGDOM

    In particular chopwell woods in Gateshead. An already deprived area is loosing such an amazing forest.

  4. Sally Jones UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Andrew Kirby Sheffield NETHERLANDS
  6. tim armsby Keighley UNITED KINGDOM

    While I have very mixed views on this consultation/sale….the main thing is that this issue should not be decided within Public Bodies Bill [that reaches the Lords soon]….but should be an issue of Primary Legislation directly and only to do with the issue of Forestry-Access-Conservation-Quotas-Subsides-Tax….The Leases on this type of land are very diverse and complicated ….each section of forest will have different lease conditions [ALREADY]….so the idea that 'one size fits all', and that a broad based legislation will do (Public Bodies Bill) is way off the mark and must be stopped….Water tight, safeguarded and clear Primary Legislation is the only way that the peoples doubts can be put at rest….

  7. Kenneth Page Pulborough UNITED KINGDOM

    The forestry should be kept in public ownership. Access to the public should be the maximum possible consistent with good management of the resources.

  8. Danny Daly UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Andy Marsden UNITED KINGDOM
  11. steve hurrell UNITED KINGDOM
  12. joanne worsdall UNITED KINGDOM
  13. emma bullock cambridge UNITED KINGDOM

    over my dead body will you sell these few remaining green areas – enough is enough

  14. Marcus Fry Sevenoaks UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Bernie Adams Peterborough UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Harry Seeley Bournemouth
  17. Liz White Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Victoria Salter UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Nora Pate Redditch UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Gladys May London UNITED KINGDOM

    I fully support this petition

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