Stop UK Forestry Destruction

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Created October 25, 2010 by Ian


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  1. Emma Burrows Kenilworth
  2. Julie Ellison Winterton UNITED KINGDOM

    This is typical of the plundering of Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs), which will be just as bad for developed western countries, like the UK, as they have been for all the countries already plundered by them.

    Selling off forests and woodlands is not in the national interest because they are worth far more than whatever monies can be raised or "saved" from such a sale.

  3. Graham Hayman Tonbridge UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Kirk Bampton
  5. Graham Greensides Stone UNITED KINGDOM

    Why sell off well-managed assetts to a greedy private sector? Forests are not protected by the CROW Act and are not Access land.

  7. Ian Bennett Stockport UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Richard Johnson Ferndown UNITED KINGDOM

    The Forestry Commission woods are OURS – the people's!! They are NOT the ConDem(ed) Government's and they have NO right to sell them off! Protest and Protect – our Right To Roam!

  9. Hereward Sporke Bournemouth UNITED KINGDOM

    Hands Off Cameron! These woods and forests are the people's silver – NOT yours to sell!

  10. Bernard Rofe South Croydon UNITED KINGDOM

    Our woodland is too important to be sold off to the highest bidder. The Foresstry Commissions income from commercial woodland is vital to help in protecting our ancient woodland, which is part of our national heritage

  11. Alan Howes Bromley

    The government needs to go back to the drawing board on this idea which is badly thought out.

  12. Sophia Warren Kenilworth UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Tim Rudd London UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Roger Roddis Sheffield UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Zoe Fellows Cannock UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Joan Foye Ossett UNITED KINGDOM

    Will support any efforts to stop privatisation of our shared assets.

  17. Duncan Brittain Wigan UNITED KINGDOM

    The sell off is plain wrong. Why would I wish to buy a forest I already own? The UK needs the Forestry Commission to ensure multi use of forests incl recreation.

  18. malcolm fox morecambe UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Susan Hazell Camelsdale UNITED KINGDOM

    Forestry land is important to the environment and people of Britain. It is a very special resource and should be kept for the use of wildlife and people. It should not be parcelled up and sold off. I am appalled at this government's attitude.

  20. Adrian Marshall Hove UNITED KINGDOM
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