Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. john Osborn UNITED KINGDOM

    I have had great difficulty finding the actual law. I found on the Honest John website the law and its only advisory that the DLR’s are turned on. the Government do not seem to want you to know that…..

  2. John Osborn UNITED KINGDOM

    Iike every one else I hate these running lights I put my hand up to protect my eyes when I see them coming that way I can still look at the road ahead As to lights behind I,ve made myself a very light cover that goes over the rear view mirror so at least I am not troubled by those behind. What worrys me is what kind of driver thinks blinding oncoming drivers is safe …

  3. Nathaniel Gordon UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Melanie Fermor UNITED KINGDOM

    Light are far too bright. just allow motorbikes and cyclists to display lights in the daytime, they need attention drawn to them to avoid accidents. No-one else. Many of these ‘running lights’ are in the position of the fogs and just as brights. I WILL NOT BUY A NEW CAR if the lights cannot be switched off

  5. Melanie Fermor UNITED KINGDOM
  6. chris collins UNITED KINGDOM

    Every time I come across a car with DRLs I have to shield my eyes using only the view of the curb next to me to reassure me I am still driving on the road. This is very unsafe but so is having an imprint on my retina for a good few minutes of the lights imprint. My optician told me people with astigmatism are more sensitive to bright light.
    Also this affects me whilst cycling and as a pedestrian.

  7. Philip Rivers UNITED KINGDOM

    inappropriate use of front foglights is a distraction, so is any other form of over-bright daytime lighting on vehicles. Any distraction to the driver is a potential hazard. The law is clear on this, and so is the Highway Code. When the laws of the land are not implemented, anarchy ensues.

  8. Richard Morris UNITED KINGDOM

    I find Daytime high intensity lights blindind, distracting and downright dangerous


    The new blue-white vibrant DRLs are not just annoying and a distraction (they put a damper on any journey for me), I also feel there is some kind of radiation coming off them, after about 3, I get a headache. To hear that they are actually law and are going to increase is alarming. The police are starting to use them which is setting a thoroughly bad example……………………….M

  10. d m wood UNITED KINGDOM

    modern lights are too bright and do not dip to the left

  11. Thomas McWhirter UNITED KINGDOM

    Because the ultra bright light dazzles some drivers, in particular the over 50s and those who have undergone eye surgery. The excessively bright demands your attention, uses up cognitive processing and so other visual clues, equally deserving evaluation, are crowded out. Something has gone awry, when burning out people’s retinas is deemed to improve road safety.

  12. Rae Walter UNITED KINGDOM

    these lights are patently dangerous – I have had my vision impaired too many times by them on motorways, where I have no chance to pull over to recover

  13. William Bale

    I have noticed more cars are using these headlights recently. I was driving home from London on the M4 recently and was constantly being blinded by by cars with these lights behind in the rear view mirror. People who use them demonstrate no consideration for other road users or regard for road safety. It isn’t an age thing either – I’m only 30 – my eyes were recently tested and given a clean bill of health

  14. Marcia McGrail UNITED KINGDOM

    my eyes are on the far end of extremely sensitive and can physically feel the deleterious effect on my vision every time I am exposed to these killer beams.
    I make as few night-time (even the daytime ones are painful) car journeys as possible, feeling sick to my stomach as I get behind the wheel, knowing that I will be degrees blinder at the end of it.
    I try to keep my poor old eyes fastened to the inside kerb but feel like the proverbial rabbit if I drop my guard and look towards oncoming traffic.
    PLEASE someone stop this blind rush to incapacitate a generation of drivers.

  16. Harvey Sayles UNITED KINGDOM

    I drive on a lot of unlit roads, hid headlights are a pain, even if the auto dip works (a lot don’t, or only lower one light, and don’t do anything when following a car), the system isn’t fast enough, the lights dazzle you before they dip, and the after market kits are a real pain

  17. Kerry Bowles UNITED KINGDOM

    they are very annoying and distracting!!

  18. David Madgwick UNITED KINGDOM

    It ‘s time something was done. There has been enough talking already. Driving is mentally taxing enough without deliberate dazzling at every turn. I suggest the recent increase in road accidents is a direct result of excessively bright and unnecessary vehicle lighting.

  19. Jackie Rose UNITED KINGDOM

    they are too bright, dazzling, distracting, unlike side lights and dipped beam which are dipped down and to the left, the DRL’s point straight at the persons on coming eye, we would not stare into an LED light nor the sun DRL’s have the same effect as they are not all the same intensity, manufacturers are making more bizarre shapes with them and when weather is poor like this mornings rain, the drivers of these types of cars still fail to turn their lights on and therefore they have no rear lights on and can’t be seen.

    For now there a few cars on the road with these lights as time goes on and more and more cars are on the road with the brightest DRL’s this is in my opinion when incidents will really start to add up

  20. Andy Hayes UNITED KINGDOM

    Because the lights are excessively bright and cause distraction, especially when they are reflected from door mirrors into your eyes when you are driving

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