Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. Peter Daubney UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Peter Daubney UNITED KINGDOM

    Please start clamping down on these extra bright lights as they are so dangerous, and will cause a major accident if they haven t already done so.

  3. Graham Wright UNITED KINGDOM

    Because there is no real need for them. Most of the time, you need to see no further than the car in front which is a few car lengths ahead (or even less for tailgaters). Driving along narrow lanes with a stream of high intensity lights heading towards you, renders you almost blinded. The higher the lights are, as with 4 X 4s the worse the problem. They also seem to flash due ti the light geometry. They are DANGEROUS.


    Why is all the sound historic research on avoiding glare from vehicle headlamps and street lighting now being ‘thrown out of the window’? Since there are health and safety concerns about the danger to road users of glare and retinal damage, why have manufacturers been encouraged to incorporate such overly-bright lamps in vehicle lights and street lamps?

  5. Martin Monaghan UNITED KINGDOM

    There is no reason for dipped headlights to be that bright. It makes it impossible for oncoming traffic to see where the road is, let alone see pedestrians. I have no objection to main beam lights being bright as this is useful.

  6. David Caunt UNITED KINGDOM

    I have found as these light become more prevalent they blind as they are approaching and as they come up behind. It is a situation which can only cause more loss of live.

  7. Dr Sarah Wakelin UNITED KINGDOM

    I find the daytime and night time use of these lights to be temporarily blinding. They have proliferated in the area where I live (Northwood) as due to the large number of 4×4 SUVs – especially at school run time. They are dangerous to other road users and need to be curtailed.

  8. Sarah Wakelin UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Suzanne Arnott UNITED KINGDOM

    As previous people have commented, the lights are so bright from both oncoming cars and the ones driving behind you that it reduces what you can see on the road ahead. They also give the impression that you are being “flashed” if they hit a slight bump in the road. As I drive along I find I either have to slow down or adjust my rear-view mirror to compensate for the brightness of these lights and on occasions have even adjusted my drivers side mirror. They are totally unnecessary and are a real danger to drivers especially along rural roads that are unlit by streetlights.

  10. Andy Burnett UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Joel Challis UNITED KINGDOM

    I am lit up like a Christmas tree from the car behind and can see my outline in the sunvisor , and then dazzled by the car coming the other way. Seeing as hid’s are meant to be self levelling then there should be a compulsory part of the mot to check it is working and correctly adjusted. I have got hid’s myself and had to have them adjusted when I bought the car, along with my wifes as on both cars they were pointing upwards.


    blinding headlights from oncoming traffic added to blinding lights shining through a back window IS DANGEROUS. The temporary blindness, distraction & glare cause more cars to swerve, brake suddenly & lose control. I now fear the headlight rogues more than any drunk driver. They are more commonplace & absolutely nothing is being done to address the issue. I don’t even think some drivers are aware that tailgating with xenon headlights only makes the car in front go SLOWER as they try to gain visibility!!


    the glare from over-bright headlights, LED streetlights and flashing LED bicycle lights has created a consistently dangerous situation for anyone (driver, pedestrian, cyclist etc) using the roads. The temporary blindness, the ‘disappearance’ of hazards behind the glare, the need to adjust mirrors so you cannot see behind you…and these problems only get worse in poor weather with added reflection off of wet road surfaces, fog lit up so brightly as to appear impenetrable and so on. Not to mention the apparent road rage games involved with the ‘my lights are brighter than your lights so get out of my way’ brigade. Or the impact on wildlife. Or the fact that consistent exposure to such high intensity lights WILL cause permanent damage the eye. How many times have we been told not to stare at the sun, yet there is no regulation on the intensity and upkeep of these apparently high tech lighting systems…sunglasses at night anyone?!

  14. Michael Farnden UNITED KINGDOM

    These lights are so bright they are disorientating and it takes your eyes some time to recover from them, they are simply not necessary for normal driving.

  15. Mr David Wakefield

    These lights should be banned along with Xenon headlights as they are dazzling and dangerous.

  16. richard hayes
  17. Lynn Sproat UNITED KINGDOM

    travelling over 300 motorway and minor road miles a week has meant this is becoming a daily problem for me. I have good vision, am long sighted and at 33 years old this is not just a problem for the elderly. Please step up and outlaw these blinding headlights. In my experience it has mostly been Audi, SUV’s and some Range Rovers.

  18. dawn pickering UNITED KINGDOM

    they are hazard to other road users & pedestrians, leaving us temporarily visually impaired making it unsafe to drive/cycle/ride on our roads. They should be more stringently tested & regulated by an independent scientific safety group.

  19. Mick Bowerman UNITED KINGDOM

    Because.the glare from these much brighter headlights makes it very difficult to see anything clearly outside the oncoming beam i.e. parked vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians. I have never had a problem seeing the road ahead with my ordinary headlights and can’t see why anyone should need these much brighter ones.

  20. Miranda UNITED KINGDOM
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