Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. Mike Cowell UNITED KINGDOM

    High intensity headlights from an oncoming car are a dangerous distraction.


    Driver awareness of lights and the negative effects is generally approaching zero – and Ill informed legislation and applied technology is extremely unhelpful. This petition and it’s associated campaign is one of the few intelligent and constructive things I’ve seen on the subject – and something should be done…..

  3. chris edwards UNITED KINGDOM

    Blinding! Glad I found this and see its not just me!


    I`m a Mechanic and I discourage people from fitting HID lights I`m spreading this awareness to other Technicians and MOT testers because VOSA and the Department of Transport have to pess for a ban on these rediculous lights.
    Thanks to Roy

  5. Sarah Milnes UNITED KINGDOM

    Every day I am dazzled by ridiciulously bright headlights coming towards me on my drive home. It leaves spots in my vision and obscures my driving judgement. And it’s not even dark! There is absolutely no need for headlights during the day time (unless it’s really foggy), especially really bright ones which dazzle oncoming drivers. This is SO dangerous, something must be done about it!

  6. Maggie Barr UNITED KINGDOM

    As a person who has a degree of post-operative photo-sensitivity, and who occasionally drives in poor light/darkness, I have experienced real dazzle from over bright headlights. Something needs to be done in order that a driver is not temporarily blinded.

  7. Valerie Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    I drive down country lanes and its getting a nightmare. Its ridiculous how bright some lights are and its getting worse everyday.

    Why are they needed? I can see perfectly with my normal headlights until someone comes along with those that you can see from miles away.

  8. Adrian Stainton UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s all about the safety, surely? Too bright causes danger.

  9. Melanie Felgate UNITED KINGDOM

    The dazzling bright lights are a danger to other road users.

  10. cjenner UNITED KINGDOM

    I struggle to assess road width and speed when these lights are travelling towards me at night

  11. Gary Mullen

    Agreed. Very unsafe at times.

  12. John Ryder UNITED KINGDOM

    Have experienced being blinded, my wife gets migraines from them

  13. Brenda Ryder UNITED KINGDOM

    I am made ill by all but incandescent lights

  14. David Price UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree.

  15. Judith Reid UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally blinded last night by 4×4 behind me – extremely bright lights reflecting from rear and wing mirrors. Had to pull over and wait several minutes until vision good enough to drive safely. Ridiculous, should be regulated.

  16. Oswald Hoskyns UNITED KINGDOM

    Suddenly you cannot stop in the distance you can see, partly because you can’t see having been temporarily blinded.

  17. Alan Philpott

    The blue lights are especially bad

  18. Laura Scale UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s ridiculous, could cause an accident

  19. Richard Larkins UNITED KINGDOM

    I see no end to the dangerous escalation of vehicle full and dipped beam power without some appropriate legislation.

  20. Hugh Wright

    I agree with this

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