Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. Mungo Graham UNITED KINGDOM

    Almost crashed the other night when I was blinded by these new headlights


    It is so dangerous how often people are being dazzled on dark, country lanes due to excessively bright headlights. They need to be removed from vehicles and banned from being fitted to new ones.

  3. Helen Hart UNITED KINGDOM

    I have never particularly liked driving at night but the new headlights are really dangerous. There is no need for them and normal headlights with the option of full bean when you are not going to dazzle the driver coming towards you are sufficient. I drive in the dark as little as possible due to being blinded. It is truly horrific to think that so many people are blinded by these headlights.

  4. Sally Miller UNITED KINGDOM

    These Xenon headlights blind oncoming drivers and the drivers in front, even with a dipped rear view mirror they blind in the wing mirror. They are dangerous, they do not allow for safe night vision of any road user and they should be banned.

  5. Pete Wilshire UNITED KINGDOM

    There seems to be two issues here. The Daytime Running Lights and the extra bright headlights for night time driving. Both are becoming a danger, the DRL’s take away your attention from ‘other things’ on the road; cyclists and pedestrians mainly and at night the new headlights are so bright they are just blinding so you are unable to see where you are going. The government needs to limit the power of all these lights, and soon.

  6. Nigel Meredith UNITED KINGDOM

    As a cyclist these new headlights, especially on full beam as often I am not deemed worthy enough for have them dipped, are just blinding. There is no need for them.

  7. Richard Gulliver UNITED KINGDOM

    I drive a normal-height car in a large city and I am blinded by these dangerous lights every single day. First and foremost they should be banned on SUVs; their headlamps are above the window line of normal cars – so they dazzle even when working correctly. The high-end German marques are the next-worst – with Audis and Mercedes particular offenders. It’s against the Highway Code – so why is it happening?

  8. Theresa goldie GERMANY

    These lights are a hazard. Driving at night has become a terrifying and intimidating experience. Im concerned about eye damage as well.

  9. lisa hopkins

    Im constantly blinded by these over bright headlights. At first I thought it was just me who felt this way. Until I came online. These lights should be banned


    I thought it was just me with concerns over the intense brightness of these ridiculous hi intensity lights and how bothersome they are to other road users and pedestrians. They hurt my eyes, to the point where I now see artifacts after being dazzled frequently with ever more creative and obnoxious headlight designs.

    I feel that they are incredibly unsafe, as they force you to avoid looking at the oncoming vehicle due to the blinding dazzling glare. You also cant see anything around the vehicle either. How can these lights inprove road safety when your forced to avoid looking at oncoming vehicles fitted with these damned lights.

    Also, the light these LED / Xenon beam configerations emit are of the blue white frequency spectrum, thus very harmful to everbodys vision, as long term exposure to blue / white light prematurely ages the recepter cells of the eye, leading to blind spots / blindness, let alone the neurological effects.

    Again, how can these lights be legal

    I was shocked to read that all new cars must be fitted with these hazardous tacky looking lights. So the problem will become much worse.

    Im now investing in some filtered lenses for my glasses in attempt to reduce some of the harmful exposure to these unnecessary headlights, as I value my vision.

    As for improving visibility, I can only see more accidents arrising from the mainstream use of this lighting technology, as you just cant see anything boyond the point of light source. Cyclist, pedestrians, animals, infact anything else oncoming is all but invisible as you just cant see.

    And thats during the day for pity’s sake. Night time driving is even more treacherous, especially on minimally lit back roads, as you just cant see a thing, its like having a high powered torch shoved in front of your face.

    No, this must not continue, as they are a menace to all. Must road accidents and premature blindness spiral before the powers that be recognise / acknowledge this unnecessary problem. Never had a problem observing oncoming traffic before these daft lights, instead I try and avoid driving, especially at night in response to the damn things.

    Sorry about the whinge

    With regards


  11. Peter Sutton UNITED KINGDOM

    This is getting out of hand and needs to be made a real law. Do car manufacturers not know the highway code. If I drove with my main beam on all the time would I not be breaking the law? Come on UK Government do something.

  12. Denise Bennett UNITED KINGDOM

    I live in London where the roads are well lit but these new headlights are still a menace. They are blinding. They make it impossible to see anyone crossing the road when they are shining in your eyes. An accident wairing to happen.

  13. telboy UNITED KINGDOM

    Having had a few near misses due to over bright headlamps i feel that there should be a maximum lumen level and should be checked when having an m.o.t..

  14. Larna Pantrey-Mayer UNITED KINGDOM

    I had about three near misses on the way home tonight and that’s an average commute. I feel that I’m unsafe on the road because of other’s selfish actions. I’m terrified of driving at the night because half the time I blinded by lights that are overly bright.

  15. Simon Hacker UNITED KINGDOM

    As a journalist working in the auto business, I can see that this is a growing problem. One possible improvement might be found in the field of smart lamps which don’t just ‘dip’ but patch out any other road user. Volvo has such a system an an option on its XC60…

  16. Malcolm Barron UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m tired of being blinded by HID headlights making other road users especially cyclists and pedestrians invisible. I don’t understand why this is being allowed. It is causing more danger on the roads. My thinking is that the vast majority of the time headlights are to be seen by and occasionally on country roads for seeing. I also think that a lot of people don’t realise that in most cars, with the turn of a knob they can lower their beam so as not to dazzle oncoming traffic as they are not actually needing the lights to see by.

  17. mike richards

    This incessant lights “arms race” that car manufacturers are currently engaged in, is dangerous to all road users. As a driver I am constantly dazzled by unnecessarily bright lights and as a cyclist I feel blinded AND invisible

  18. matthew scott

    Hids are way to bright and laws need to change before led tech becomes readily availible and even brighter lights are made

  19. Andy Brown

    A decent set of normal headlights works fine. These super-bright lights are unnecessary and dangerous.

  20. Steve Howard UNITED KINGDOM

    These lights are dangerous. I ride a motorcycle and I am concerned that other road users could be, and sometimes are, blinded by these over bright and unrestricted lights therefore not being able to see me. On a bike we do not have ‘dipping’ rear view mirrors so when a car with HID lights is behind us we are totally blinded by this unrelenting white light. The law needs to be changed as to the use and ‘focussing’ of these lights and stop the glare forced onto other road users. I believe there is no way to properly ‘dip’ or adjust them so lets get them all adjusted (i.e. lower the beam or the power) to be safer until further research can be done and implemented. I know they are supposed to be safer but they are a menace on the road.

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