Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. Elspeth Ryder UNITED KINGDOM

    A balance needs to be found between car lights being bright enough for the person driving to see, but without blinding other road users.

  2. Elspeth Ryder UNITED KINGDOM

    Car manufacturers need to be conscious of the safety of all road users and not just those people buying their cars.

  3. Mrs Anne Davis UNITED KINGDOM

    Fed up of glaring headllights that momentarily impair vision taking the pleasure out of safe night driving

  4. Anne Davis UNITED KINGDOM

    fed up with glaring headlights that momentarily impair vision taking the pleasure out of safe night driving

  5. Mrs Lesley Gay

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to drive at night without being blinded by glaring headlights


    The first time I was exposed to super bright headlights was an Audi with their new Laserlight Concept headlights. I had to go to the optician after these lights shone straight into my eyes and he diagnosed me with a subconjunctival haemorrhage caused by the super bright headlights. These lights have already caused damage to my eyes and there are more and more on the road now. They are aggressive and dangerous in every sense – seeming to instil every driver with some crazy sense of invincibility and superiority in the way that they then proceed to drive. Plus we live in Sheffield where the council want to change all street lights to these stupid and hideously bright clinical lights. They irritate my eyes so badly that they continually itch and cause irritation. Businesses have them on their buildings, distracting you and again shining straight into your eyes. When will the government wake up – blue spectrum lights will permanently damage your eye sight…. what the hell is mentally wrong with these people to allow such stupidity? All I can say to them is good luck with all the lawsuits in the near future if they do not ban them. We could see perfectly well before and now we have to drive with our eyes squinting – what is safe about that? The comfort we can get is that people all over the world on the internet are saying they should be banned but how many eyes have to get damaged and how many lives lost on the roads before they ban them? Light houses are for the sea – not roads!

  7. Roger Shaw

    These very bright lights dazzel me.
    Such bright lights make it difficult to see the indicators on a vehicle wishing to turn.
    Are such bright and intense lights damaging the eyes of drivers?

  8. Roger Shaw

    These very bright lights dazzel me.
    Such bright lights make it difficult to see the indicators on a vehicle wishing to turn.
    Are such bright and intense lights damaging the eyes of drivers.

  9. Tom Burden UNITED KINGDOM

    Please let’s have some common sense on this. Exceptionally bright lights are dangerous and damaging. Simple common sense needed!

  10. Eileen Dixon UNITED KINGDOM

    The very bright lights dazzle drivers so much that they could cause an accident.


    i AGREE

  12. Mr Steven Pope UNITED KINGDOM

    I find certain makes, with rows of LED’s each side dazzling from the front and dazzling in the mirrors when in the rear.
    In approx. 2000 the British Motorcyclists Federation with solid data countered the British governments attempt to force compulsory lighting on motorcyclists, on the grounds that there was equal evidence that day lights caused accidents as they prevent.

  13. Norman Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    DTLRs are a danger to sensible drivers

  14. Rachelle Ransom UNITED STATES

    I hate those new lights. I want to sue the manufacturer of those lights because now I am experiencing head lights and issues with my vision due to those lights. I did not have those troubles before. I also have almost gotten into many accidents because of those lights blaring into my eyes from oncoming cars. I want to join the lawsuit against the manufacturer.

  15. Weifeng lee

    Clearly a safety issue. Any arguments about dazzle being caused by incorrectly adjusted lights are besides the point. We can assume that on average HID and halogen lights have the same % of lights incorrectly adjusted. Yet, HID lights cause significantly more dazzle and confusion on the roads than halogen lamps. The only logical conclusion must be that HID lights are not safe and must be banned.


    I am a young peraon almost been driving ayear now. The bright lights behing me with the new bulbs fitted are causeing me to move my mirrors and use tinted glasses at night, which alone is extremely dangerouse. Especially if I forget to take them with me when I get in the car. An approaching car miles down a strai ght road caused me to stop driving for the evening and ever since has effected my eyes, causeing achtual pain behind my eye’s,. I plan to get my eyes tested soon, as I thought it was a full beam to the eye thats effected me. However these lights are poping up everywere, I can avoid looking at them oncoming however when there behind you you cant avoid them without moving your mirrors. I have noticed some drivers acherly are doing it on purpose from behind. This will cause accidents and normally the driver in front is liable. This is not fair. And damaging, let alone dangerouse !

  17. Ms T Meeks, South West London UNITED KINGDOM

    I have always liked to think of myself as a good driver until this year. The huge increase in the LED type daylight running lights is causing me a lot of problems. I feel my driving is becoming significantly worse and a lot less safe due to them. I am rarely checking my rear view mirror – I will sometimes knock it out of the way if one of these blinding cars is behind me. I am trying to avoid looking on the other side of the road where vehicles are coming towards me. Only in my peripheral vision am I aware of other vehicles in these areas. These daylight running lights are completely unnecessary and are an increasing danger to road safety.
    I have driven a Volvo 480 (1990) for many years. This has daylight running lights – still unnecessary I think but I don’t believe they have ever caused a problem to other road users (back in the days when I would see others coming towards me, but sadly no more!!) as the current LED ones do. It’s the LED light that is the problem.
    I think manufacturers are just competing with each other and treating them as a fashion accessory for their vehicles with no concern for road safety.
    A couple of months ago an older driver just randomly stopped a little way in front of me (I was cycling at the time). An Audi with LED lights was coming in the opposite direction. I am sure this is why he stopped. I can’t blame him.
    Yesterday I was driving down a residential street with cars parked on both sides of the road. A driver coming the other way (with LED lights) stopped by a gap to let me through. I didn’t feel I could judge the gap properly whilst being blinded by these ridiculous lights so I stopped by another gap, handbrake on, looked the other way and waited for him to go past..
    I am really pleased to have found this petition and find others who feel the same way. I hope one day these lights will be banned. Sadly I don’t think it will be until many many serious accidents and deaths have happened and the cause been linked to these blinding lights.
    People need to drive safely and properly and not rely on ‘safety’ features of modern vehicles.
    I also drive a 41 year old vehicle – simple, basic and reliable. It is a bright colour which is also something manufacturers should consider. There are too many blue and black cars about. Use light bright colours that can be seen and scrap the LED lights.

  18. Alan Anobile UNITED KINGDOM

    For years I have complained at the incorrect ananti-social use of “FOG LIGHTS” & these days it seems more & more cars are being fitted with obscenely brivht LED or high powered halogen “White Light” system, that even daylight driving is becoming dangerous!

  19. Amanda Finnegan UNITED KINGDOM

    I come home at night with a raging headache caused by these new type of headlights. Anyone in the UK not fond of the new brighter traffic lights and LED street lights too?

  20. Dianne Mckenzie UNITED KINGDOM

    These dazzling lights make it very difficult to drive safely on the road. Lights from behind and coming towards you make it difficult to see anything else on the road other than the lights themselves.

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