Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. mark CANADA

    As a cyclist I am for ever being blinded by stupidly bright car and bike lights, its like an arms race, even I got a 1000 lumen lamp but rarely use it as I bought it in haste and don’t want to be part of the problem, I use it only on the darkest of lanes.


    I’m a cyclist. Anything that makes me less visible on the road is bad news. It’s not just newer cars with DRL but older cars that put their lights on if there’s as much as a light rain shower. I believe a lot of them are doing it because eveybody else is.

  3. John Robson UNITED KINGDOM

    DLRs are both a nuisance to me as a road user (car or cycle) and encourage motorists to assume “no lights = clear road”

  4. Martin Corrigan SWITZERLAND

    DRL obscure other non-lit road users

  5. D L Drummond UNITED KINGDOM

    Daytime running lights are an unnecessary distraction; it means drivers are less likely to notice unlit objects.

  6. Stuart Johnson UNITED KINGDOM

    Being dazzled seems to be a constant part of driving in dark conditions these days. I need to drive on a lot of single carriage roads and I’m always being blinded by HID lights to the point that at times I struggle to see where the bend in the road is or where the brow of the hill is – that is highly dangerous and I worry that I will be involved in an accident as a result.

    The HID lights are so strong that they often outshine other lights, such as indicators.

    All in all, HID lights make driving more dangerous.

  7. Steve chapman UNITED KINGDOM

    They look like police cars at night

  8. Keith Laird

    As a former safety adviser it is obvious these lights are being used in vvehicles not equipped with self levaling devices and those with poorly maintained systems

  9. Keith Laird

    As a former safety adviser it is obvious these lights are installed iun vehicles that either have poorly maintained self leveling systems on the lights or older vehicles not having this requirement


    This problem seems to be getting worse.

  11. Wan

    My suggestion for ammendment to goverment road safety advice
    STOP LOOK (Wait for eyes to adjust) LISTEN.
    If nothing gets done soon we’ll all be walking and driving with the
    constant barrage of bright white lights from oncoming traffic.
    Hopefully by then all cars will have auto pilots fitted so we won’t then have the
    need to see in our mirrors or where we are going.
    DOT, do something please.
    You can go on the line of it’s a health and safety issue or better still,
    there just too white, which after all are both common goverment policies.

  12. Melanie Fermor UNITED KINGDOM

    l am sick of being blinded from ahead, safety brake lights and behind, have had to put sunglasses on at 4pm (it’s barely dusk) because car behind has front lights on full and fog lights – sorry I mean daytime driving lights ! limit the intensity of the bulb and limit to numbers allowed in light clusters as manufacturers seem to be on a mission to outdo each other. I want a car sticker please to let everyone know I am on this campaign.

  13. Rosie hurst UNITED KINGDOM

    I am sick of being temporarily blinded from oncoming traffic and cars behind me

  14. Diane Gleeson UNITED KINGDOM

    I have complete blindness when confronted with these headlights on country roads and have no option but to stop.

  15. Dan Argent


  16. Paul Hughes UNITED KINGDOM

    I am fed up with being blinded by these ridiculously bright headlights

  17. Donald Berry

    I’m tired of being blinded while driving at night, and now during the day with LED running lamps.

  18. Donald Berry

    This is a serious health and safety issue.


    Blinding lights must be stopped.

  20. Neil Suckling UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m photosensitive and from a pedestrians point of view I think these headlights are an absolute hazzard and totally dangerous. It also means that you can’t see anything else that you should see on the road that isn’t a car. And what happens when there is fog, do they need to be even brighter than that !?

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