Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. Peter hyde UNITED KINGDOM

    Driving at night is becoming a nightmare. Constantly being blinded by these headlights and it seems fog lights are now a fashion accessory to be used all the time.

  2. sue Robertson UNITED KINGDOM

    Have been blinded by these lights by other drivers causing several near misses. It causes me temporary blindness and severe pain in my eyes often bringing on a migraine. My ophthalmologist says that the lights must be banned before more people’s eyesight are damaged and potentially many more preventable car crashes happen. It’s becoming almost impossible to drive during dusk or night due to the blinding affect of these blue White lights.

  3. Rhian Humphreys UNITED KINGDOM

    It is so uncomfortable to frive towards a vehicle with these lights, surely as dangerous a distraction, if not more so than someone using a mobile phone behind the wheel as it takes several seconds to recover from the exposure. so why then is it allowed?!

  4. Adrian Marti UNITED KINGDOM

    Having driven for ten miles on a twisting countyry road yesterday with my side mirrors and rear view mirror completely occluded by the xenon headlights of the car behind I caqnnot see how this is legal, It made it difficult and dangerous to navigate an already precarious journey.


    Along with headlights being to bright, indicator lights are becoming slimmer and more streamline. This sometimes makes it difficult and in some cases impossible to see the indicator light flashing. Add to this the increasing amount of people using fog lights at all times and you are often blinded by the light coming towards you and the lights in your rear view mirror.

  6. Martyn Boyd UNITED KINGDOM

    THis is very definately a growing hazard due to ill conceived notions of safety and knee-jerk regulation. Tragedy is going to strike unless it is sorted out.

  7. Lauren Cooper UNITED KINGDOM

    Extremely dangerous. I am constantly blinded whilst riding my moped meaning I can barely see any of the road ahead of me. I have to slow down to make sure I’m safe, possibly causing anyone behind me to also have to brake.

  8. S Sidorowicz UNITED STATES

    I thought this was a fuss about nothing until I tried driving in stop start traffic at night: over-illuminated LED rear lights are too bright to look at if the driver leaves the footbrake applied. This means that you are forced to look anywhere other than straight ahead, reducing your awareness of traffic conditions in front of you.


    Headlights are becoming way too dazzling, making it very hard to see anything other than the on-coming car

  10. Laurence Barwell

    Driving at night on country roads during rush-hours has become dangerous because of the glare from lines of oncoming traffic. I have had to stop on a number of occasions at places on a bendy road where I have felt vulnerable because of traffic coming up behind me.

  11. cassie garner UNITED KINGDOM

    I am totally fed up when driving in low light or at night and being dazzled by superbright lights that affect my ability to see temporarily.

  12. Peter Seviour UNITED STATES

    this year I have been dazled by around 1/4 of all cars coming towards me the car manufactures dont seam to be stiking to any proprer setup it so bad in the rain some times that it is not posible to see the road in front atall


    Its so bad now with all the new cars that have lights that dazzel even on dip they are a danger to saftey and are damaging eyesite too!

  14. Rob Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    On a 6 mile round trip yesterday evening I encountered 12 vehicles using fog lights.
    On the same journey the night before I encountered 7 vehicles using fog lights.
    On both occasions it was a clear night with good visibility.
    I wear glasses, but because of fog lights and headlights that are to bright on modern vehicles I cannot wear them at night whilst driving.
    Here’s a thought, what if all the people that find this a problem made a complaint to their local police? May’be someone would do something about it.

  15. William Dorling UNITED KINGDOM

    I am fed up with being dazzled by over bright headlights and unnecessary fog lights. They are dangerous.

  16. Rose

    I am constantly blinded the road by bright white lights.
    I have tried to focus on the white line to the left but it is near on impossible, i find it very painful and draining on the eyes. The last straw was last night when I very nearly ran off the road on a corner due to blinding lights (not on high beam)
    This needs to be actioned ASAP! Manufacturers should not be allowed to sell cars with bright lights, the lights should be removed off shop shelves and failing of MOT’s with ultra bright lights!! Authorities WAKE UP!!


    I get blinded every night by these stupid dangerous lights and find myself flashing people as I think they have their main beam on. Having to flick my rear view mirror to stop them blinding me is also dangerous. Please get these banned!!!

  18. emma hadfield UNITED KINGDOM

    the light are blinding when driving. it is unnessecary

  19. keith inglis

    Blinding lights causing danger to other road users and people on foot, I have long thought those bright lights to be dangerous and unjustifiable


    I’ve been increasingly finding dazzling headlights a problem. I also find drivers of cars with these modern lights using them in daylight. Why do headlights need to be so bright in built up areas? It’s dangerous. I’m in my early 40s so I don’t buy that this is a problem restricted to older drivers ( read in a BBC article). I will strongly support any petition that aims for tighter regulation on the strength of headlights.

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