Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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    Blinding white, headlights have become increasingly common place! Facing incoming traffic at nights, shining such blinding white headlights can be quite rattling!
    I am stunned to see that even a number of London Buses have now been fitted, using such headlights!

    It becomes particularity worse when, cyclists install the flashing-version; the worst possible kind!! Why is TFL so indifferent about this safety hazard!!??

  2. M Hague

    I am finding it difficult to see more often because of the hid lights,more so with the increase in 4×4′s,mpv,suv’s.

  3. mark smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Over the past few months the situation in north London has gone crazy. Too many big cars with LEDs negotiating narrow roads mean one is continually staring at their headlights as a result of keeping an eye on the front of their cars. All in order to avoid a collision with folk who are often driving too fast in the first place to maneuver efficiently as they weave around parked cars. Driving around with glare spots in one’s eyes is ridiculous. There are multiple disasters around the corner. Literally. Folk in government won’t take this seriously until enough people they know have experienced accidents and potential death as a result of these lights in urban environments.


    Totally agree, the new generation of headlights are dangerously bright!

  5. john bradford UNITED KINGDOM

    too frequent temporary dazzling, especially when vehicles jolting over traffic calming speed cushions. There are more and more vehicles with lights that are far too bright on dipped beam for the safety of oncoming traffic.

  6. Stan Wilde UNITED KINGDOM

    These lights have been a menace for several years.
    Why don’t Daytime lights switch off once the headlights are switched on, as they’re obviously not needed then?
    Why were HID lights ever approved in the first place?

  7. Phil Ade

    I think these very bright headlights should be banned or heavily regulated as they tend to dazzle me (especially when a vehicle fitted with them is behind me).

  8. Madeline Weston UNITED KINGDOM

    Just drive 40 miles in dusky light and been constantly dazzled by oncoming vehicles, and also in the rear view mirror which I have to tip to avoid glare.

  9. kenneth grimoldby UNITED KINGDOM

    It is about time something was done about this I hate driving at night .


    rear brake lights on vehicle in front at queues are often blinding, and when cars behind with daylights on go over speed bumps, the flash you get in your rear view mirror can be misleading

  11. Mark Adams UNITED KINGDOM

    Appreciate that driving visibility is crucial but believe that dazzle effect danger to oncoming traffic outweighs this. The other impact is from high vehicles (4×4 ‘s etc) approaching from behind which is equally dangerous.

  12. Mark Adams UNITED KINGDOM

    Appreciate that driving visibility is crucial but believe that dazzle effect danger to oncoming traffic outweighs this. The other impact is from high vehicles (4×4 ‘s etc) approaching from behind which is equally dangerous.


    Blinding light especially over bumps – hazardous to oncoming traffic. Have been temporarily ‘blinded’!!!

  14. Simon Hughes-King UNITED KINGDOM

    The too-bright lights on cars are now detrimental to safety. It is too easy to miss important cues on the road through being dazzled by oncoming lights.
    Same goes for brake lights.

  15. Cathy Adams UNITED KINGDOM

    i find that these lights actually momentarily blind me which is a hazard when you are driving, there seem to be numerous cars with these headlights in this area who don’t slow down on the speed humps making this worse.

  16. Malcolm Jones

    Very unpleasant and dangerous. It also takes a few seconds to regain full vision once they have passed.

  17. Steve Biswell

    I fully support this campaign! There is no need for having these daytime running lights,I don’t see any benefit of them, also there is nothing worse than having the really bright lights blinding you not only from oncoming traffic but also shining into all your mirrors from traffic behind you. I also thought that car lights were just as damaging to the environment as household lighting!

  18. Lionel Whyton UNITED KINGDOM

    For years now, some vehicle headlights have become far too bright and whilst this may help the driver of the car slightly, it’s making life miserable for the rest of us. The worse ones can even dazzle in daylight.

  19. Brian Robinson UNITED KINGDOM

    Over my years of driving I have noticed this becoming worse, at first I thought it was just me that suffered being blinded by oncoming traffic whilst driving at night. Driving into an area of almost absolute black, not knowing what’s there then having survived that having to deal with flashing after effects is unnerving. Other people’s safety measures are making me a dangerous driver through daring to drive at night whilst they are using these high powered lights. I am not the only one it seems. Something needs to be done about this menace, for that is what it is. How many deaths is it going to take?

  20. Frank Dimmock

    Car lights are becoming more of a hazard than the benefits they supposedly give, be they Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), gas discharge (HID) and LED headlights, turning lights or the ridiculously intense LED brake lights. It is not beyond the manufacturers capability to adapt the intensity of the lights to suit the conditions, but unfortunately the way the system works is that the European Union laws are basically driven by the manufacturers. The various standards that car lighting has to comply with are created by committees consisting of people who work for vehicle manufacturers. Is it therefore surprising that the whole system is driven by marketing, i.e. the lights on a BMW are safer than a Merc ? The majority of cars that have the offending lights seem to be the high-end types, so it goes with the territory or ego!
    The idiots that fit HID lamps to standard parabolic headlight reflectors, drive with front fog lights on when they are clearly not required or sit with their foot on the brake pedal blinding the drivers behind them I believe are all guilt of an offence under current law, be it the construction and use regs or good old due care and attention. Maybe cars with illegal lights should be impounded on the spot! Unfortunately, there aren’t enough police officers around who have the time to enforce the law, so it must be tackled another way by increasing the penalties for those that get caught and maybe the message will get home. Apparently, every death on our roads costs around £1million pounds, not to mention the grief, guilt and other issues surrounding it. Is this a price we should continue to accept? Obviously me and the other petitoners here don’t think so.
    We can probably never know how many deaths have occurred because a driver, rider or pedestrian was dazzled to the extent they couldn’t see.
    Anyway, all of the above issues need to be sorted out and I fully support this petition to do whatever is required to make the roads safer.

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