Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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    I’m fed up of selfish drivers effectively blinding with their misuse of lights by either using fog lights in good conditions or having these new ridiculously bright lights. The police should be doing more to deter this!

  2. Julie Cook UNITED KINGDOM

    Who the hell decided we needed these overly bright and completely blinding rays!! They are so dangerous and it seems the bigger more expensive the car the brighter the lights!! Surely the brightness should be controlled so as not be a danger!!


    I am increasingly dazzled by the new lights, with Mercedes and Audi being particularly bad. Also old cars fitted with new bright bulbs that are not suitable for the design of lens are just as bad, throwing light in all directions.

  4. hugh price UNITED KINGDOM

    I have been driving for 50 years, but only in the last few years have over-bright dazzling car lights been a problem, both headlights and brake lights.

    This leads to momentary night blindness when dazzled by headlights and some brake lights are so bright that it distorts distance judgement.

    Also, when headlights are out of alignment, ,which is common, this can make the problem much worse.

  5. David Arnett UNITED KINGDOM

    Surely front cornering fogs are illegal !!!!!!

  6. David Arnett UNITED KINGDOM

    Dazzled by front fogs

  7. Molly Byrne UNITED KINGDOM

    I,m find it increasingly difficult driving at night due to the blinding headlights of other drivers,it has made me a very nervous driver as it distorts my visio and perception.

  8. Brian Moulton

    If the response from politicians, is the same as I received from my Euro MP’s regarding impossible to change headlight bulbs, then all I can say is the very best of luck in your petitioning.

  9. Graham Wheeler UNITED KINGDOM

    If I am driving at night and I see a car with Xenon headlights in my rear-view mirror I tilt the mirror downwards because it hurts my eyes so much. I cannot believe these type of headlights are legal, they must be causing damage to people’s eyes because they are so unbelievably bright.
    Also I cannot see indicator lights properly on cars with Xenon headlights because they are swamped by the brightness.

  10. Peter Richmond UNITED KINGDOM

    as a professional driver driving at night, I am becoming increasingly annoyed at the number of vehicles that use these HID headlights now. It is my opinion that they are far too bright, in most cases brighter on dipped headlights, than a vehicle that has normal halogen lights on full beam

  11. Maggie Sullivan UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m personally suffering with the affects of these lights and I believe they are dangerous.

  12. Shaun Wilmer UNITED KINGDOM

    Only in the last few years even modern cars seeming have stupidly bright headlights. With the changes to pedestrian safety raising bonnets and headlights to ridiculous levels and headlights that fully illuminate the inside of my car when they follow behind.

    How in hell did anybody think these darn things are safe and legal ? They want a super bright touch pointed in their face next time they decide its more than safe.

    Sick to death moving over to let these muppets past because I can’t stand them behind, been contemplating mirror tinting the rare window too.

  13. Tim Moore UNITED KINGDOM

    These bright white lights were supposed to have been developed to improve safety…. But for who?!?!
    There has been more than one instance where the dazzle of these retina burning lights have out-shon the flashing cyclist’s rear light as I’ve approached on country roads and if I was travelling at any greater speed the cyclists’ would have been shunted.
    I’ve just arrived home after being followed by a Porsche 4×4 where I’m sure I could have turned my lights off and safely made it home under his illumination, the glare in my 3 mirrors was unbareable to the point where I got into the village and pulled over to let him/ her pass.
    I am a 35yr old experienced driver who’s on the road daily during all conditions and times, over the years I’ve seen these lights grow in popularity with the addition of the ultra bright ‘face tanning’ brake lights as found illuminating lane 3 of any motorway in the country and casting a red mist of anger over the person behind at the traffic lights. The problem doesn’t lye with people not seeing the standard lights as these are perfectly adequate with the high level addition, it’s drivers not paying attention and following too close causing phantom traffic jams where the biggest brightest beacon in the world won’t stop the unlucky person 6 cars back from invading the boot space of the ar$€hole vargon infront who believes his/her 30k ride defies the laws of physics.
    If heavily tinted side windows are illegal due to restricting the drivers vision and are commonly removed at the officer’s request (when tested by a device), why is there no action being taken to ensure the safety of everyone else from the irritating menace of mock daylight when the sun has gone. I’m sure there could be a sensor mounted to the front of traffic cars and the rear A.N.P.R could flag the reg as it passes so a letter of concern could be auto generated and sent out instructing the adjustment/disposal of said lights. This could also tackle the inconsiderate drivers who forget their full beam is on and the accident damaged repaired cars that often have the wonky beam from a poor repair (more common than people realise).

  14. Wendy |King UNITED KINGDOM

    I work in an opticians and find an increasing number of people finding the same problem, Hid/xenon lights are too bright for night driving and are dazzling other road users. A tint cannot be added to the lenses as this reduces the amount we need to drive safely at night, and the tint is only asked for as these xenon headlights are too bright!! This is a problem for people of all ages.

  15. Tom wyett UNITED KINGDOM

    As a cyclist, it often makes it very difficult to see where I am going and what potholes I am about to hit.


    Agree with the previous comments. I have to drive home across narrow, un-lit country lanes and often have to come to a complete standstill when dazzled by these awful oncoming headlights as I can’t see a thing. I also find myself dipping the rearview mirror and re-positioning the wing mirrors so as not to be dazzled by the car behind.


    It is making driving at night increasingly dangerous, my eyes take a few seconds to feel recovered after being dazzled, time that I cannot afford to be less than 100% when driving.


    These lights are dangerous

  19. elizabeth UNITED STATES

    These headlights blind and dazzle on-coming drivers and are DANGEROUS! Lets get them banned.


    The new led Daytime running lights that I’ve started to see on new cars are too bright and cause dazzle. They are also a siginificant distraction when an oncoming car approaches with these type of lights. Why does there need to be such a long line of leds?

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