Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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    i absolutely dread driving home from work in the winter, as i need to drive along rural roads my heart is always in my mouth i just know that at some point im going to be dazzled by somebody coming towards me the worst ones seem to be those in new 4×4 cars i cant see a thing in front of me so i have to constantly break its also a pain when these lights are behind you as they hit your mirrors i find myself more concerned about stopping the glare in my eyes than actually concentrating on the road i just cant believe these lights are legal to use i used to love driving now i dread it. please somebody do something im quite sure these lights will cause many many deaths on our roads….

  2. david peel UNITED KINGDOM

    Because…The new generation of headlamps is excessively dazzling – this is exacerbated by their too high colour temperature which increases light scattering inside the eye. Whilst they are perhaps making the road safer for those possessing the new lights they are certainly reducing road safety for those facing them on the road.


    1. Dazzle from headlights seems to got worse in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Now I get badly dazzled even when sitting high up in a van. So much light goes upwards and sideways that when it’s foggy oncoming vehicles have a halo around them beyond which it’s impossible to see. Until recently this problem was much less severe or non-existent.

    2. For many years it ha been illegal to use fog lights when visibility exceeds 100 metres. Now an absurd situation exists whereby for some people it’s compulsory to display daytime running lights which cause considerably more dazzle than the average fog light does. The dazzle often comes from an area smaller than that of most headlights or fog lights, and is consequently focused more intensely onto the retinas of anyone confronted by it.
    Correctly aligned dipped halogen headlights are detrimental to my eyesight if I don’t wear yellow-tinted glasses, even in the daytime. What these daytime running lights are doing to people’s eyesight I dread to think.

  4. michael stephenson UNITED KINGDOM
  5. RichardJ. Thomas-Evers UNITED KINGDOM

    i hate them they are dangerous and antisocial and contravene existing highway code rules, get rid of them and get rid of european control of the UK

  6. Iain Ramage
  7. Peter Dowsett UNITED KINGDOM

    this is very dangerous and particularly on unlit roads where the road ahead can be obscured by over bright headlights from oncoming traffic.


    Cover hundreds of miles per week as driver of emergency service vehicle. I now feel that the intensity of some factory fit and retro fit headlights plus misuse of foglights are a major contribution to nightime incidents and eye fatigue ( audis are the pits the headlights on these vehicles cannot be legal ! )

  9. Nubriu

    Whatever clown decided that these are a safety feature, clearly does not drive!! These things are a complete danger and I am sick to death of having my eyeballs lazered out every 5 minutes!!!

  10. J D Atkinson UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m fed up of being dazzled by the DRLs of vehicles, particularly Audis and BMWs but others as well, both when they are approaching me and, in my rear view mirror, when they are following me.

  12. Michael Joyce UNITED KINGDOM

    Very annoying and now dangerous lights fitted to many cars, (and now motorbikes AND cyclists make it increasingly difficult to drive safely.

  13. Joseph Morrison UNITED KINGDOM

    Safety issue..

  14. robert cardenas

    Because…these lights are a nuisance and makes driving very stressful indeed. I notice that some drivers even have them on in bright daylight!.

  15. Jeff Whitten UNITED STATES

    Because it’s insane.


    Because too many cars have these stupidly bright lights, many of which are incorrectly aligned thus blinding oncoming vehicles. Standard bulbs are ample bright enough if the headlamps are correctly aligned, nobody should need to use excessively bright lights that are only good at blinding other motorists, cyclists, pedestrians.

  17. Andy Gryce

    The lights are dangerous because they blind and dazzle oncoming drivers even more than halogen lamps on full beam. And why do drivers need even greater visibility? Perhaps because it enables them to drive faster and faster, and more recklessly.

  18. Paul Cannon UNITED KINGDOM

    ….I totally agree with other comments I have read, I left the road by about two feet last night because I was struck by these lights on a bend, no harm done, but this morning passing the same spot I noticed I had just missed a telegraph pole! SUVs small busses and vans are the worst as the lamps are mounted higher.

  19. Teresa Cannon UNITED KINGDOM

    Because…these lights dazzle and also create glare from rear view mirrors and wing mirrors and glossy surfaces, they are dangerous .

  20. T Ward

    The UK law is quite clear. (HC code 114) Other laws in other countries may be different. BUT because many cars are foreign made they may well be designed to other spec. Like driving on the WRONG SIDE in your own car in another country. Adjustments must be made to the headlamps.
    Quite simply if these vehicles do not meet our traffic laws they should NOT be permitted entry.
    Since the explosion of the 4×4 craze headlamps have not only become too bright but also too high. Even vans have very high positioned headlamps.
    I have been driving for over 40yrs and in recent years now dread driving to work in the winter because of bright dazzling headlamps.The latest design craze seems to be the string of LED Christmas tree style sidelights, equally as dazzling.
    Many safety feature have been incorporated in vehicles, BUT THIS ONE, IS NOT. repeat IS NOT.

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