Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. Simon Treadwell UNITED KINGDOM

    they are very dazzling especially if you also wear glasses for driving. Also a point missed is the fact that the rear lights are not illuminated. Many drivers on early mornings at dusk or the most dangerous in rain do not turn on their main lights. They have the DRLs on and their dashboard is lit, but no rear lights. This is sheer madness and extremely dangerous. I see it every day, especially now in the winter.

  2. Caroline Irwin UNITED KINGDOM

    These lights unnecessarily endanger people eyesight, lives, and property, and for no benefit to anyone. People who drive vehicles with these lights need to be made aware of the effect they have on others, and with tighter enforcement there will be more pressure put on manufacturers and dealers to sort this out and stop selling vehicles that pose a hazard to other road users.

  3. Nicola Fowler

    these lights are very dangerous. I have been blinded by these on numerous occasions and nearly had an accident tonight due to this. if you have pale blue eyes your eyes are extra sensitive to lights not sure if headlights have have the same impact. On numerous occasions I have also been blinded by headlights from behind and have needed to cover the rear view mirror with my hand which obviously is not ideal especially in rainy and icy conditions that go hand in hand with the dark mornings and evenings.


    Any badly adjusted head light can dazzle, but I find the HID lights especially bright.
    I find the daytime running LED lights excessively bright and distracting.
    I am very surprised that regulations permit vehicle designers to make lights that are primarily a fashion statement with little concern for functionality.
    It all went wrong when indicator lights were permitted to be incorporated with the headlight. Combine that with the latest ‘fashion’ for indicators with very narrow viewing angle is insane.

  5. David Ramsey UNITED KINGDOM

    Because these lighthouses on wheels are a menace – they blind everyone and hazards are impossible to see, as is the road.

  6. derek heath UNITED KINGDOM

    Because…they blind me at night.

  8. Andrew Zagorski UNITED KINGDOM

    Because. I would like to see measures put into effect to eliminate dazzle from headlights so that all road users can see clearly and comfortably at all times.

  9. David Coveney

    Overall vehicle lighting levels have increased so much over the last few decades that dazzle is an ever present hazard.

  10. Paul Goff UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Josie Hamnett UNITED KINGDOM

    I hate being blinded

  12. Sarah Moyse UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Daniel B O'Donovan UNITED KINGDOM
  14. mr m done UNITED KINGDOM
  15. martin bowden UNITED KINGDOM

    With a helmet on in the rain you just can’t see a thing with those lights coming toward you !!!


    Because I am fed-up of being visually de-sensitised by lights coming towards me which reduce my ability to see hazards , people and animals in shadows; is there no logical thinking politician left who will fight this stand ?

  18. Stephen Mitchell

    I am sick of people behind me with lights so bright and shining directly into my rear view mirror, I have to drive with my hand over the mirror to be able to see the road. HID lights are by far the worst car accessory available. They cause untold danger and should be banned.

  19. Alistair UNITED KINGDOM

    They swamp the roads with blinding light, reducing visibility.

  20. Graham Wright UNITED KINGDOM
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