Build A Footbridge Across The A30 To Save Lives

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Created January 1, 2015 by Ella-louise Ayling


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  1. maudie smith

    A young girl lost her life there , I beleive as do many had there been a bride this fatality would not have happened ,so something must be done a bridge is the best way forward ,

  2. Sandra Folbigg UNITED KINGDOM

    about time!

  3. Anne Kurlej UNITED KINGDOM

    Bridge is a must!!

  4. David Selby

    Many a time as a kid I avoided death !!

  5. Catherine Jeffery

    This is such a dangerous road. Please don’t let anymore children die or parents loose their children

  6. Wanda Maynard GERMANY

    this is a very dangerous junction in which lots of people have lost their lives and it will be more worrying when the new McDonald’s is up and running as it will attract more children so I feel that a footbridge would benefit all these youngsters crossing this junction wheather it be for school or other reasons

  7. Kristinacox Karim UNITED KINGDOM

    Let’s make sure another tragic accident doesn’t happen

  8. Niki Welland UNITED KINGDOM

    Before more tragic deaths happen

  9. Kelvin Reay UNITED KINGDOM

    The loss of a young life should be enough for the council to do something.

  10. Alison Pawsey

    A very dangerous junction !!

    A very dangerous junction.

  11. Natalie Butler UNITED KINGDOM

    Long overdue

  12. Gillian Culley UNITED STATES

    this road and junction are so dangerous, it’s vital to build this bridge to keep pedestrians safe.

  13. Antonina Rogers

    Help save lives there should be a footbridge and the A30 is just going to get busier with the plans to put a McDonalds there. It’s just common sense

  14. Jennifer Bishop UNITED KINGDOM

    Very dangerous junction.

  15. Darren Owen UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t wait for another tragedy to happen ,get it done for everyone’s safety young and old.

  16. Julie Whitmore UNITED KINGDOM

    This road is so busy, we need this bridge before any more precious lives are lost

  17. Mark mcnulty UNITED KINGDOM

    Well overdue this crossing needs sorting

  18. Sally king UNITED KINGDOM

    A bridge is a must at this crossing ..

  19. sue brough UNITED KINGDOM

    This is such a dangerous road, it’s time to start protecting lives and build a bridge. This would be a small cost in comparison to loosing more lives.

  20. Ian weir UNITED KINGDOM

    Far too many people have lost their lives and with the really bad decision to add McDonald’s to the the crossroads it will only get worse with more fatalities especially the young

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