Build A Footbridge Across The A30 To Save Lives

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Created January 1, 2015 by Ella-louise Ayling


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  1. sam rodd UNITED KINGDOM

    It is a dangerous road and crossing should be safe but it only takes 1 careless driver to take someones life. That’s why there should be a footbridge.

  2. Rachelle Taylor UNITED KINGDOM

    very dangerous road! A bridge is very needed.

  3. gill williams UNITED KINGDOM

    The bridge, would save so many life’s, an people would not loose so many love ones, the light system is confusing to drivers, pls put a bridge there thank u

  4. Jasmin solomon UNITED KINGDOM

    Lights are confusing. I have seen many drivers go through red lights by accident.

  5. emma standley

    Saves lives!

  6. Cheriese Hawker UNITED KINGDOM


  7. cathy edwards

    To save lives !

  8. Nicole miles

    To many lives have been lost on this road & now you want to build a disgusting unhealthy mc donalds thereforewhich will add to the traffic & no doubtedly killing more people !

  9. Helen golding UNITED KINGDOM

    Lots of children cross the road their and I’ve personally known an adult that was killed there years ago it’s so dangerous

  10. Mrs P Goldsmith UNITED KINGDOM

    A safe crossing is essential. This crossing has become too busy for pedestrians and will only get worse now we have been forced to have a drive – through McDonald’s. No thought has been given to locals needing to cross to get to school, shops and hospital. Tine to show some care and common sense. Keep us safe and give us a crossing.

  11. Stevie-Jane Harris UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Claire Shoulder UNITED KINGDOM

    Safety first! X

  13. Natalie Knight UNITED KINGDOM

    A must for road safety

  14. Tracy Forster UNITED KINGDOM

    I lived in this area my whole life and i know how dangerous this road is after my sister had a very serious accident near here. Footbridges save lives.

  15. adam sperling UNITED KINGDOM

    Local parent

  16. Nicki Sayer

    This bridge is essential in providing a safer crossing for our school children! Please make this happen

  17. Mark Sayer

    I support this petition wholeheartedly. We need to provide a safer way to cross this busy road.

  18. Jack

    Worthy cause

  19. Ricky Maynard UNITED KINGDOM

    My 11 year old son has to cross that road everyday to and from school it’s the most dangerous road round here so many kids have to cross that road and it’s about time something was done about it. How many young lives will be lost before the council dose something about it

  20. Natalie Utting GERMANY

    My brother was hit by a car who jumped a red light over 10 years ago, he was one of the lucky ones. Something needs to be done

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