Build A Footbridge Across The A30 To Save Lives

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Created January 1, 2015 by Ella-louise Ayling


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  1. Ann Woodford UNITED KINGDOM

    No amount of money is too much to save a life. I have lived in the Spelthorne area all my life and paid all my taxes. If my taxes could help safe life’s it will be all worth it. We live in this borough and we vote councillors in to take care of us. This safety bridge should be your at most priority.

  2. Pauline Miller

    Saves life’s!!!

  3. Hayley mayo UNITED KINGDOM

    This needs to be done now before another family loses a loved one !

  4. Harry Taylor UNITED KINGDOM

    Life was taken and I think that if a life is taken then there should be something to stop it happening again.

    Because what stop this happen again this time it could be someone in your family and you would want you’re family to be safe.

  5. Natasha

    I hope this becomes a reality. Far too many fatalities on that crossing/road

  6. Jonathan Ladd

    Completely agree

  7. J Ladd

    Great idea


    Needs to be done


    Lets stop lives being taken when it is so easily stopped!

  10. Kerry Gee UNITED KINGDOM

    Too many life’s lost on a major road

  11. Tina Searle UNITED KINGDOM

    Walked across this road many times and very dangerous, if there was a bridge and it saves one life in my view that ins worth it

  12. anji sibley GERMANY

    Great idea

  13. Harry Mansell UNITED KINGDOM

    To make a safer place to cross

  14. Mrs cherrie astridge UNITED KINGDOM

    There should be something done. As a mother myself it’s just heartbreaking.


    I’m signing this again because something needs to be done! Just think how more safe people will be when there is a footbridge!!!

  16. Georgia UNITED KINGDOM


  17. Joan Brown

    It is a very dangerous place to cross the road as the traffic is very fast moving and there are always the few who put their foot down to avoid stopping. So please do this before somebody else gets killed.

  18. Lisa wicks

    To many deaths

  19. Tara trodden UNITED KINGDOM

    The children from this area need a bridge for their protection we have already lost a beautiful girl to this dangerous road .


    It’s a busy road and dangerous it needs to happen

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