Build A Footbridge Across The A30 To Save Lives

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Created January 1, 2015 by Ella-louise Ayling


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  1. Maria GERMANY

    This junction is highly dangerous and the fact that a mcdonalds is opening on the corner means more children will be crossing this busy road. This makes the construction of this footbridge even more vital.

  2. Natasha Baker UNITED KINGDOM

    Build the footbridge for public safety and to prevent any more innocent lives being taken

  3. Rachel Osborn UNITED KINGDOM

    I don’t want anymore people getting killed on this crossing

  4. Patricia brown UNITED KINGDOM

    I go across the bulldog everyday to work is a dangerouse crossing , cars jumping red lights , our kids have to cross this road to get to the secondary schools they should have built a footbridge years ago , far to much traffic there now with shopping center been built on hospital grounds !!

  5. Sue Dolphin

    Footbridge may well save live but will not prevent vehicle collisions because of the greedy decisions of placing a McDonalds in an already over used traffic light crossroads with 4 pedestrian crossings. Roads used for Town Lane housing estate, Fire Station, Hospital and Walk In centre, Tesco Petrol garage, Supermarket and Harvester restaurant. Someone should look at the stats for the fatalities, injuries, car accidents, shunts etc for this Black Spot!! Its a bloody dangerous. To add entry to a take away food outlet straight on the lights will cause mayhem and more deaths!! Who will be taken into account for this stupid decision??

  6. Helen Lyons UNITED KINGDOM

    such a dangerous junction, no should ever lose there live by trying to cross a road when there could be a safer route.

  7. Michelle osullivan UNITED KINGDOM

    mu partners friends daughter was the young girl who was sadly hit at this crossing and passed away!!

  8. Chloe MacKinnon UNITED KINGDOM

    There is no question as to whether action should be taken to make this area safer. Investing money now could save so many people’s lives, including those of so many young people who have to cross this road. and that’s not something we can risk.

  9. Jess

    The crossing is really dangerous.

  10. Frank Dowthwaite UNITED KINGDOM

    There is already difficuly at this junction with in & out of the Black Dog. the Mcdonalds is going to accentuate this problem and further cause congestion to the route for ambulances into ASH/ST peters hospital. Because of this the risk taken by pedestrians on all of the cross roads is astronomical. Pedestrian lights would cause mor traffic congestion and hold ups for ambulances.

  11. Jess Mason UNITED KINGDOM

    So many accidents happened already, such a dangerous junction

  12. Dawn mansell UNITED KINGDOM

    something needs to be done to many people are loosing there lives when they can just put a bridge there

  13. stuart spiceley GERMANY

    To make the A30 staines safer and to stop and make sure another death wont ever happen again. Rip to Lea Slade.

  14. kieron lilley UNITED KINGDOM

    I think a bridge is definitely needed here !!

  15. Amanda Davies-Day UNITED KINGDOM

    one death is one too many. Kids should be able to cross safely.

  16. Teresa Barnfield

    After hearing of the death of a 12 year old girl, I feel no matter how many people cross the road there it will stop another death happening that is not necessary.

  17. Helen sell

    there have been many accidents on this junction in the past I know of 3 young girls that have had fatal accidents here and it’s about time something was done

  18. Mrs M Taylor UNITED KINGDOM

    I hope something gets done!

  19. lin newman UNITED KINGDOM

    Many people have been killed. A bridge would save many many lives in the future. Many school children could cross the bull dog safely if a bridge was built.

  20. Cheryl Inman UNITED KINGDOM

    There have been too many accidents and too many innocent people have lost their lives at this crossroads. Hundreds of children need to cross these roads daily to get to and from school as well as others including the elderly and infirm for the hospital or a spot of lunch or shopping at tesco my feeling is that 4 foot bridges are needed so people can safely cross each road as sadly some drivers don’t understand that a red light means STOP please help safe pedestrians life’s . Thank you

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