Build A Footbridge Across The A30 To Save Lives

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Created January 1, 2015 by Ella-louise Ayling


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  1. Kelly rose UNITED KINGDOM

    Dangerous road. Over crossing enclosed bridge would make it so much safer

  2. Rebecca Rowe UNITED KINGDOM

    How many more people need to suffer….this young lady is not asking for the world she’s asking for a footbridge to save life’s

  3. Rod Latchford UNITED STATES

    Anything to improve road safety! the local council members should be made to cross the A30 !What about traffic lights with a ped crossing???

  4. Jodie Cummings

    I would love this to be done as my children have to cross this busy road too and it is so dangerous.

  5. Matthew Axten UNITED KINGDOM

    Too many people have passed away make the foot path

  6. jim hughes UNITED KINGDOM

    Child safety

  7. Sue Dolphin

    Go look at the death and accident statistics!

  8. lyndsy hogarth

    To stop another precious life being wiped out and another family going through hell

  9. s. marcham UNITED KINGDOM

    Lives first

  10. Lindsay King UNITED KINGDOM

    This should have been built years ago, children cross this road to school and people visiting the hospital and supermarket. Why do so many loose their lives before action is taken. A road this busy should have had this already

  11. Susie Marcham UNITED KINGDOM

    Lives first

  12. Shindy sekhon

    should be done sooner rather than later after another life is lost


    We have been owed a bridge for years across the Ashford hospital junction i can remember loads of accidents that have happened there we must have a bridge as it is so dangerous.

  14. Debbie Conibere UNITED KINGDOM

    The A30 has always been a very difficult road to cross, would like to see a footbridge in place to help stop lives being lost.

  15. Liam Walker UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a busy road and a bridge would reduce the dangers of road traffic accidents.

  16. Jill howard

    Definitely needs to be made safer. Better speed enforcement along the A30 would help too. Lots of accidents along this stretch of road

  17. Jennifer peare

    Safety of pedestrians!


    Dangerous place!

  19. Angela lukowska UNITED KINGDOM

    This needs to be done to save lives, too many have been taken it’s got to stop.

  20. Ann bavin

    For the safety our young people and a tragedy never happens gain

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