Build A Footbridge Across The A30 To Save Lives

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Created January 1, 2015 by Ella-louise Ayling


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  1. cameron burness UNITED KINGDOM

    Building a footbridge has the chance to save lifes and reduce the chance of collisons


    This is a dreadful road and a footbridge is badly needed to reduce the risk before anyone else gets killed or injured.

  3. lyndsey UNITED KINGDOM

    Dangerous junction! Too many deaths on this road xx


    Do the right thing and get this bridge built please

  5. shirley mcsweeney UNITED KINGDOM

    so many children cross the A30 at the bulldog junction on their way to school. It is such a busy road and a footbridge is essential.

  6. Shaila Lloyd UNITED KINGDOM

    I am signing this petition as I strongly agree that there should be a footbridge on the a30 cross roads. This will help Save lives and cause less accidents. Plenty of children walk over the cross roads everyday as some/most go to a local secondary school. I also walk this way to catch a local bus. I think that it is obsurd that there is a foot bridge on the A30 headng towards bedfont and the A4 when it is rarley used. A family member recently had a little collision whislt driving into stanwell with the car Infront of her as a school boy walked in front of the car in front to try and cross the road. This could of been fatal luckily it wasn’t.A footbridge put in the correct place will save so many lives and there will be less unfortunate accidents.

  7. Sarah Kroner

    Please act now before another precious life is lost. I’ve lived in Ashford 50 years, this area is notoriously dangerous. You have the power to improve safety.

  8. J Fletcher GERMANY

    its a dangerous junction

  9. Nirupan Rudrakumaran UNITED KINGDOM

    I go that way every morning to work and the amount of times I see children nearly get run over and it scares me, a footbridge is logical thing to do. If a child was hit it doesn’t just affect the family of the child but the driver too as guilt can take a massive burden. Please build it, thank you.


    I lost a friend many years ago due to this road, it will never change, the bridge is a must for the future

  11. Jenni James UNITED KINGDOM

    You literally have to take your life in your hands when crossing this very busy road and a bridge would save future lives.

  12. Jackie Garman UNITED KINGDOM

    There needs to be a foot bridge across this dangerous road.
    This is a long time coming, and it is disgraceful that the council has not considered this to be a priority.

  13. Giles morte UNITED KINGDOM

    Such a busy crossroads. Too many accidents and loss of lives already at this black spot already.

  14. Susan seers

    long time coming !!!!!!!!


    A bridge must be built to save further lives, there have been too many accidents and deaths at that junction.

  16. Odette Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    too many people have been killed crossing there!.

  17. Jessica

    This crossing is so dangerous it’s scaring! So many accidents have happened here and sadly some have not survived! Lia slade was a 13 year old girl who was always so happy, seeing her around school and someone came and took her life away at this junction! By building a bridge here, so many more people will be safe. Coming soon is a McDonald’s on the corner where lia was killed, just think how many more students will be knocked down here!

  18. Rosa Gouveia UNITED KINGDOM

    Making everyone is safe crossing that road!

  19. Lorraine Adkins UNITED KINGDOM

    I live local to this dangerous crossing and I am a car user who works in the area supporting people. I have had to beep so many drivers to stop them from going through the lights, when it’ clearly wasn’t their right. I have witnessed drivers going through the lights and not even speed. I think it’s about time a foot bridge was put there. I cycle and don’t mind the walk to Tesco or to the hospital, when needed but I don’t feel safe.

  20. Odette Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Too many people have been seriously hurt and killed crossing.

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