Build A Footbridge Across The A30 To Save Lives

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Created January 1, 2015 by Ella-louise Ayling


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  1. Naomi Bone

    Stop kids having to risk the xrossibgs. The road is far to busy and frequent idiots race that road.

  2. jodie hall

    This road is so.dangerous and hundreds off kids have to cross it alone everyday

  3. Nicola gandhi UNITED KINGDOM

    i use these traffic lights almost every day, as a driver and pedestrian. The number of times I have seen cArs jump the lights is just not good enough. Especially as it then becomes the pedestrians right of way. As soon as a child sees the green man, they are off

  4. elizabeth Alderson UNITED KINGDOM

    Build a footbrige.

  5. carl buckley UNITED KINGDOM

    Fully support making this area safer

  6. Karen smith

    Save lives…

  7. pamela gianfriglia UNITED KINGDOM

    Too many lives lost at this point of the Road

  8. kerry camp

    In support of saving lives.

  9. Amanda white GERMANY

    Save lives

  10. Sara Koziol UNITED KINGDOM

    Fingers crossed something will be done soon!!

  11. Tracey Newman

    I have lived in the area for a number of years. Within this time I am aware that there have been numerous accidents across that main road, and it is evident that the crossings that are in place are not sufficient of safe enough. I do not understand why a footbridge has not been built over the main road previously in order to prevent any incidents. I think a footbridge will be much safer for pedestrians and will lower the number of accidents along the main road in the future.

  12. malcolm kinlan UNITED KINGDOM

    It is a disgrace that there is no safe pedestrian are ruining families and countless other lives

  13. Ruby

    This shouldn’t be something you have to sign a petition for! Don’t our council tax and car tax go towards road safety?

  14. Melanie Crow UNITED KINGDOM

    Such a busy road which will only get worse with a drive-thru McDonald’s being built aswell. So close to schools, hospital and supermarket s has a high pedestrian quota in the area.Lets keep people safe.

  15. Dominika UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s essential that this bridge is built, hate crossing this junction and the traffic light pattern makes no sense. With schools and other facilities nearby its a wonder this hasnt been done already.

  16. Lara O'Donnell UNITED KINGDOM

    Build the footbridge


    Makes perfect sense to save life and limb.

  18. Gillian White

    19 Tudor Close Ashford Tw15 3HZ

  19. Anne Harris UNITED KINGDOM

    This is dangerous and needs to be sorted before another life is lost

  20. Mark Bancroft

    if it saves just one live it will be worth it build it now

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