Build A Footbridge Across The A30 To Save Lives

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Created January 1, 2015 by Ella-louise Ayling


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  1. Jade Ayers UNITED KINGDOM

    Needs to be done. Far too many accidents have occurred here. Near two schools and a hospital, it’s ridiculous that this hasn’t happened already. My full support goes into this action to happen.

  2. Catherine UNITED KINGDOM

    This needs to happen, isn’t more then one death reason enough?

  3. caroline Mitchell UNITED KINGDOM

    Too many people killed or injured. Too many cars that don’t stop.

  4. Katie

    Hope it all goes ahead x

  5. lisa Glover UNITED KINGDOM

    too many deaths have happened and something should been done a long time ago

  6. Pamela Giafriglia UNITED KINGDOM

    hope no more casualty

  7. Dawn williams UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep our children safe!!

  8. Julie Girdler UNITED KINGDOM

    About time our Council Tax helped our kids who are born and raised in the area rather then putting overseas visitors first!

  9. Graeme eves UNITED KINGDOM

    this needed to be done a long time ago.i really hope it happens


    Please sign this .. It could save a life a mum dad aunty uncle sister brother nephew niece.. A friend a stranger..

  11. Jamie Parker UNITED KINGDOM

    Long Overdue

  12. Angharad Anastasi UNITED KINGDOM

    To stop another life being taken too soon

  13. Donna Docherty UNITED KINGDOM

    This part of the A30 is a very dangerous area to cross. Even with the pedestrian crossings, due to so many directions of traffic and so many filter lanes and different traffic light changes, this often results in cars jumping the lights or confusing the light changes and they go when they shouldn’t. A footbridge would enable pedestrians to cross the A30 from one side to another safely without having to play “chicken” with your life when crossing this stretch of road. I have witness near misses on several occasions not to mention the recent death of a young girl. A simple solution would solve this issue

  14. Karen gurney UNITED KINGDOM

    this road has seen many deaths and can be prevented with the bridge, it’s really not a hard decision , life’s and a bridge , or continuous deaths, which one would you choose if it was someone you know or a family member .

  15. susan collins GERMANY

    Too many people killed on roads

  16. Debra Paddon UNITED KINGDOM

    Long overdue

  17. Astra Dunsby UNITED KINGDOM


  18. debra paddon UNITED KINGDOM

    Dangerous road

  19. Sarah Camis

    very dangerous stretch of road bridge long overdue

  20. Pat Newton UNITED KINGDOM

    My grandaughter goes to the same school as the poor girl that was killed and she has to cross there,it’s too dangerous.I don’t want her to be a statistic as well.Do something Please

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