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Created March 26, 2012 by frederick


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  1. n w johns UNITED KINGDOM

    ship sould be saved because of role in falklands and as so serviver of the rothesay class(type 12).

  2. Bob Bowcher UNITED KINGDOM

    This ship could be a wonderful tourist attraction in Plymouth.

  3. Mrs Jacqueline Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s so sad that a ship which played such an important role in our recent history can simply be scrapped without a second thought. Surely someone cares enough to prevent this?

  4. Mr Jack Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Please save HMS Plymouth. She would be a wonderful memorial to all those who lost their lives in the battle for the Falkland Islands.

  5. james pirt

    save the wonderful ship

  6. Patricia Caddy UNITED KINGDOM

    She belongs to Plymouth


    I saw this ship launched in Devonport Dockyard, therefore She belongs in her “home port”

  8. C Millington UNITED KINGDOM

    This shipshould be returned to its home port of Plymouth

  9. natalie giles UNITED KINGDOM

    HMS PLYMOUTH is part of our heritage.

  10. Richard Burgess UNITED KINGDOM

    It would be good for Plymouth to have HMS Plymouth back home as a floating monument to the men who lost thier lives.

  11. Bernadette Gibbons UNITED KINGDOM

    HMS Plymouth should be returned to Plymouth & preserved in memory ot those that lost their lives during the Falklands conflict.

  12. Tony Gibbons UNITED KINGDOM

    the navy are an important part of Plymouth, therefore returning HMS Plymouth to it’s affiliated town would serve to honour those who served on board

  13. P Neighbour UNITED KINGDOM

    Save her, she belongs to Plymouth……..


    Most of the crew as well
    Keep the Wasp helicopter as well

  15. Johnny Brant UNITED KINGDOM

    Save it as a tourist attraction


    Please save HMS plymouth as this city needs it

  17. Derek Earl UNITED KINGDOM

    A fitting memorial to those servicemen who lost their lives in the Falklands conflict.

  18. Sean Jennings UNITED KINGDOM

    It is a disgrace that this last symbol of the Royal Navy’s essential contribution to regaining the Falklands. Our history is not just about events of yesteryear. It is also about events of our lifetime. The USA puts us to shame in respect of honouring and commerating their, much shorter, history.

  19. neil coughlin UNITED KINGDOM

    use it to raise funds for our service personel instead of recyling it into more scrap.

  20. ray beer UNITED KINGDOM

    she needs to be saved for historical reasons plus she.s the only one left of her class
    but most of all she was built in plymouth and we want her back.
    come on city council have the b!!!s to stand up and be counted
    get her back

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