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Created March 26, 2012 by frederick


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  1. Harry Meddelton UNITED KINGDOM

    Moor her up in Plymouth – people would love it

  2. Nick Jordan NEW ZEALAND

    This ship will fill a gap in the Royal Navy’s hiostory, and should be accorded the same degree of respect that Victory, Cutty Sark receive, for she represents much more than either of those 2 ships. Fine though they are.

  3. Neil Ashton UNITED KINGDOM

    Devonport is nigh on empty, surely a berth could be found? This is our history – it needs preserving at all cost.

  4. John Arnold UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring her to the Plymouth people to be looked after.

  5. Dirk Dekker UNITED KINGDOM

    PlyMouth should be saved the you tube video of her interior is great. She is part of naval history

  6. Doug Johnson. UNITED KINGDOM

    one of the 1st ships of the taskforce to arrive in the warzone,launched the helicopter that wrecked an Argentine sub in South Georgia,continuously bombed and strafed throughout the conflict and nearly sank AND took the Argentine surrender in her wardroom.what more does any ship have to do to be saved?.in terms of actual combat her record makes that of HMS Belfast look meagre.come on city of Plymouth,you save her and we will come.lets have one decent reminder of the last time we fought alone as a unified nation,its unlikely to happen again.

  7. Ross Shaddick

    Bring her to Plymouth!

  8. Vina Shaddick

    She should be in Plymouth!

  9. douglas johnson UNITED KINGDOM

    lets not let this historically important vessel go the same way as so many other UK preservation failures.Our descendants and the brave servicemen deserve better far than we are currently leaving behind.if Plymouth finds her a home then people WILL come,there is nothing more recent than HMS Belfast preserved and the Navy has moved on over a lifetime since then,in role,design and technology.

  10. James Lyon UNITED KINGDOM

    Remember her when we on the Chichester damaged our starboard prop up the Gulf in 1970 Plymouth kept an eye on us as we made our way to Singers where we went in dry dock would be great if she could be saved. Ben

  11. Mark Roddis

    Plymouth has little in the way of museums to represent its rich history. HMS Plymouth would surely be a viable tourist attraction if a suitable mooring could be found that was accessible and in a prime position that the ship deserves. Historic dockyard in Portsmouth is successful (and interesting) as is HMS Belfast.
    I’m sure it would bring extra tourism to the town especially when a wet weather alternative is required for all visiting Devon & Cornwall.

  12. Joseph Ash UNITED KINGDOM

    Should have kept her last time! When she was in Plymouth and open to the public for a limited time period.

  13. Susan Ash UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s a ship that belongs to Plymouth and we should never have let her go.

  14. Stephen Rhodes


  15. raywaddington

    would make a welcome tourist attraction if moored in the popular barbican area of it’s home town port

  16. Stephen Rhodes

    Keep her. Hugely important in the Falklands and the final British warship to have a separate loading 4.5″ Mk 5 gun.

  17. peter minter UNITED KINGDOM

    We must all get together to save this frigate.
    We have more than enough paintings & art galleries.let’s show our children something important & historic hms Plymouth.she,at a cost defended our nation,We owe her much.please vote and. save her,she’s worth more than another painting in a london gallery…let’s save her,please get your friends,family too sign.

  18. Chris Davies UNITED KINGDOM

    We have always been a nation that has prided itself on the reputation of our Armed Forces and military history. So now, how can we allow such a significant piece of our military history from modern times be sold and be lost for ever. HMS Plymouth is more than just a ship, she is an iconic symbol of our outstanding military achievements, which were gained against all odds in the South Atlantic and a tribute to everyone who fought and paid the ultimate price in the service of queen and country. HMS Plymouth should be preserved and protected, kept as a monument of our success in the Falklands and permanent tribute to those who fought for the right to keep the islands British

  19. gareth thomas UNITED KINGDOM

    ship must be preserved for future generations!!

  20. Antony Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    This ship should be saved for posterity….Before long we wont have anything left to preserve..

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