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Created March 26, 2012 by frederick


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  1. Clive Chenery UNITED KINGDOM

    Save this ship!

  2. Simon Waterfield

    My Dad served on this ship in the Falklands Conflict so I have an interest. This ship deserves to be preserved as a tribute to the Task Force that sailed over 8000 miles at short notice and led the recapture of the islands. Also the surrender of South Georgia was signed onboard. Come on Plymouth Council do the honourable thing.

  3. Nicola Hanks

    Bring her back to Plymouth, make us proud.x

  4. shane broom UNITED KINGDOM

    We should be preserving our naval heritage, not destroying it.

  5. Bernard Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck

  6. john

    This historic warship must be saved and returned to Plymouth. Even if it was sunk as another artificial dive reef it would be better than sending her abroad for cutting up. Plymouth must keep hold of its Royal Naval conections or one day Portsmouth will be the only city in the UK that will have any….

  7. Mark Gentry UNITED KINGDOM

    There is another online government petition about HMS Plymouth


    Great peice of naval history, I’d hate to see her run up the beach in turkey.


    HMS Plymouth was my first sea going draft when I joined the Navy. The only ship still afloat that was involved in the Falklands War. A ship where the cease fire/surrender was signed in Port Stanley. Surely this ship is worth saving.

  10. wesley ashton UNITED KINGDOM

    surely she should be preserved for the people to keep for future generations to see, we dont have any ships for the public to enjoy all year round, she would be great for the tourism of the city.



  12. Peter Edwards UNITED KINGDOM

    This needs to happen

  13. Stuart Beattie UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m a former Royal Marine, and falklands war veteran, and have also whitnessed HMS Plymouth going into action in ajax bay (bomb alley) taking on argie air craft. She needs to come home to Plymouth to see out the rest of her days, and be shown off to the general public.

  14. mark jude

    Plymouth is where it belongs!

  15. Barry Walle UNITED KINGDOM

    I just think the city fathers need sacking. They let Plymouth down so often with missed chances. That this historic ship gets scrapped rather than have a place of honour in its home port is just another example. The state of the Hoe, Drakes Island, no airport, need I go on.

  16. Dave Hoath UNITED KINGDOM

    The city of Plymouth needs to commemorate its rich maritime history with a maritime museum. HMS Plymouth was built in Plymouth and is an obvious inclusion in such a museum along with a replica of the Mayflower.

  17. Trevor Metherell UNITED KINGDOM

    The ship should be brought back to plymouth

  18. Susan Hollingsworth

    good luck

  19. ian bean UNITED KINGDOM

    keep plymouth in plymouth

  20. B.Quintrell UNITED KINGDOM

    good luck

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