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Created March 26, 2012 by frederick


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  1. Hayley Young UNITED KINGDOM



    Save HMS Plymouth and Scrap Plymouth Shitty Council

  3. Richard Stephens UNITED KINGDOM

    History is for everyone and without hard evidence of it is meaningless. Talk to our children in 20 years time about the Falklands and the importance of the Dockyard and the ships that were converted and sailed from there, and also the importance of HMS Plymouth and the roll it played and with it they will not know what you are talking about. Tourism wise what an attraction it would be and something to build on, but knowing this city it will never happen.

  4. Steven W Lindsey

    Not a way to treat a war memorial to the war dead.

    Disrespectful to our brothers-in-arms.

    Hon. Steven W Lindsey
    state rep
    Keene, NH, USA

  5. Kevin Tapper UNITED KINGDOM

    Most historic Naval towns have Boats preserved, what is wrong with this shortsighted council….Maybe we need another health centre instead…:{

  6. Cameron Millar UNITED KINGDOM

    HMS Plymouth is an important piece of maritime history, and as such should be preserved instead of being wastefully scrapped for whatever pittance you receive for scrapping it. It would create far more income, if it was a permanent tourist attraction in Plymouth

  7. Robert Envy UNITED KINGDOM

    I served onboard during the Falklands Conflict, she is a life saver.

  8. Nicola Clayton

    whatever happened to our famous navy??? sacriledge

  9. almafleming UNITED KINGDOM

    as usual more history gone for scrap.It must be saved.

  10. Trevor Barnes UNITED KINGDOM

    The last warship to be built at Devonport and with such an obvious history should be preserved as part of our local and naval heritage. There is plenty of space in Devonport/Plymouth for berthing and Plymouth needs HMS Plymouth to showcase the history as there is nothing else. Other ports can do it so why can’t Plymouth?

  11. Mike McCullough UNITED STATES

    To many people do not realize that models, plans, or photographs are not adequate substitutes for the real thing.


    It would be a tragedy to lose another piece of our naval history.

  13. David Billinge UNITED KINGDOM

    The ship should be preservered

  14. robert moss IRELAND

    There is only one such frigate left in the World, so saying she is not significant enough to preserve makes little sense.

  15. sam wood UNITED KINGDOM

    she is our ship, bring her home.

  16. Jim Dwyer UNITED KINGDOM

    The ship should be returned to Plymouth

  17. Darren Fisher UNITED KINGDOM

    HMS Plymouth should be preserved in the city that built her and after which she is named.

    The city of Plymouth has a proud naval history, but fails to promote it. Having a modern warship with a rich history would be a fantastic attraction to bring much needed tourism to the South West.

    Selling the vessel for scrap is a real shame on our inability to preserve the nations heritage. If HMS Plymouth were a building, she would have been listed and protected.

  18. Pete Anderson UNITED KINGDOM

    Shame on you Viv Pengelly

  19. Robert Heard

    Lets hope the Councillors get on board dont forget there are elections soon

  20. Peter Marley UNITED KINGDOM

    Wake up,residents of Plymouth!

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