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Created March 26, 2012 by frederick


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  1. John Stockton-Wood UNITED KINGDOM

    I full support this idea, our heritage should alawys be preserved for later generations.

  2. jonathan boulton UNITED KINGDOM

    got my vote.

  3. Laura Washer UNITED KINGDOM

    Would be a great attraction to bring in money to the area

  4. Andy McLean

    words cannot describe the travisty if the British government and Plymouth city council allow this to happen!

  5. Geoffrey J Dorking UNITED KINGDOM

    I was a mwmber of the volunteer crew that helped raise the money to purchase the ship in the 80′s. I also organised floats for HMS PLYMOUTH in several Lord Moyors Carnivals. I have a scrap book, with photographsof ‘Our Gang’ plus snaps from the carnivals. I also attended meetings with Reg Scott, an attended the council meeting when the charade of a council discusion on the ship took place. It was an utter disgrace to democracy. Yours Geoff Dorking.

  6. Christine Ashton UNITED KINGDOM

    It should be here in Plymouth !

  7. Mark Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    To loose an iconic piece history would be a tragedy. All to often decisions are made to scrap irreplaceable historic structures only to find too late that it was a mistake.

    Save the ship and save our history.

  8. peter AUSTRALIA

    Ex Navy based at Devonport, she should be saved.

  9. Keith Allies UNITED KINGDOM

    It should be possible to accommodate the ship in the waters around Plymouth. If not, a consortium of local businesses could build a suitable docking space. It would be a fantastic attraction for Plymothians and visitors.

  10. Mr S Richards UNITED KINGDOM

    With such a rich Naval heritage within the city of Plymouth, to allow something like this to be lost is something the decision makers should feel ashamed of, the ship signifies more than just scrap metal and should be preserved for the future generations and is yet another symbol of peoples pride in the Royal Navy.


    She should be saved, Peel ought to at least let us have one historic ship in the area. Now its Manxman, Plymouth, Bronington what next??

  12. hugh janes UNITED KINGDOM

    Let’s bring this iconic vessel back home.

  13. Michael Symons UNITED KINGDOM

    A permanent berth needs to be found in Plymouth.

  14. John Brooks UNITED STATES

    tow back to Plymouth

  15. r l stone UNITED KINGDOM

    please save this unique ship to Plymouth for now and future generations to enjoy.


    No comment!

  17. Peter York UNITED KINGDOM

    very important part of Plymouths history

  18. Adam short

    Give her a plymouth mooring where she belongs

  19. Damien tozer UNITED KINGDOM

    This ship needs to be saved and presented to its home port as a testament to one of the worlds most famous naval bases.

  20. jon dash UNITED KINGDOM

    Not to be turned into razor blades

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