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Created March 26, 2012 by frederick


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  1. haydn AUSTRALIA

    Please save this old warship as monument to the Falklands war

  2. Ray Hugill UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring HMS Plymouth to Portsmouth to join the Maritime Heritage group with Mary Rose, HMS Victory and Warrior if Plymouth City don’t see sense with South Yard. The way things are, there will be no ships left from the Falklands conflict for future generations to view.

  3. R.Lansley

    HMS Plymouth should be saved for its historical/technical attributes to an era that has since moved on in time and once disposed of can never be recreated. She has both internal and external fittings that are original to her design.


    Serving onboard HMS Intrepid during the Falklands, anchored in San Carlos water, I personally witnessed Hms Plymouth and Hms Yarmouth carrying out picket duties in front of the Task Force at anchor. To witness two ancient frigates at full speed, listing over 45 degrees and still managing to fire their 45 Inch guns was a sight many will never witness. I would gladly forgo my Falklands medal to the men on Hms Plymouth and Yarmouth, the Task Force owes them a great debt. SAVE HMS PLYMOUTH


    Plymouth should be proud to take care of this ship if years of employment of Plymothians in the RN docks has meant anything to them

  6. Spencer Robinson UNITED KINGDOM

    Served on HMS Plymouth during two commissions, my first ship in 1961

  7. Peter George UNITED KINGDOM

    save HMS Plymouth please

  8. R. Moss IRELAND

    Lord Owen was not far from the mark when he states that “You don’t deserve a history if you are not prepared to fight for it.” I would amend that to “You don’t deserve a future if you don’t value your past.”
    This seems to be holding true for both Plymouth and the Royal Navy. The former is a dull city in an interesting part of the World. The nearest thing to any naval heritage worth looking at is a pleasure boat tour around the dockyard. Although this is increasingly less attractive as there are no longer many warships to look at. This in itself renders the explanation of their not being an existing berth anywhere in Devonport visibly false. As to the latter, the Navy itself is being “deconstructed” on an annual basis.
    Now a question; when “wonks” in Westminster decide to cut frigates, and no doubt shortly a future aircraft carrier or two, is it because they and the public who they represent are surrounded by and reminded on a daily basis of Britain’s Naval Heritage, its value, its necessity, and how in the recent past it saved lives and the dignity of the whole country. Or does the insouciance with which the Navy and the MOD disposes with your heritage, leave instead the perception of a rather expensive and unproductive arm of the state. Something that seems to require an inordinate amount of money to operate, but apart from occasionally crashing its submarines or surrendering to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, does not seem to be in the news much. Do the bureaucrats who run the Navy have any inclination as to the importance of having well kept shiny heritage items like HMS Plymouth, on show at as many locations around the country where the Navy operates, to reinforce how important and relevant it is? Do they like their counterparts in the US Navy go the extra mile in securing a historical naval ship for preservation as a museum ship, knowing full well that without getting their presence into the public domain they will be neglected first by their own public, and then ultimately by the government that is elected by this public. Do they? No they don’t, and this is why all their shiny new aircraft carriers will be taken off them and sold to the Indians. It’s a pyrrhic victory, but the fate of HMS Plymouth will be shared by the Navy that neglected her…and it’s no more than they and Plymouth deserve.

  9. f p doidge

    HMS Plymouth would be great asset to plymouth as a visitor attraction if placed in a visible position with visitors centre


    I served on this ship in 1984,she should be preserved as the argentine surrender was signed onboard her,great ship,great crew.

  11. test


  12. cvbvcb


    • frederick UNITED KINGDOM

      do not understand comment h.m.s.plymouth

  13. rgrg


  14. tete


  15. Tracy Wood UNITED KINGDOM

    So sad, why can it not go to Portsmouth or Davenport and be saved for future generations. Please save her from the scrap yard, far too many of our RN ships have gone the same way just lately thanks to our government.

  16. Dave Wood UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t let another historic ship go this is the 1980′s HMS Victory (recent 50M grant) and deserves this countrys support and gratitude

  17. ian smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolute disgrace that the most famous warship of moderntimes from one of the most famous cities of all time should be scrapped in such a manner she belongs where she was built in Plymouth. It is looking more and more like another Falklands conflict is on the horizon, sadly Britian will not be able to repeat the actions of this Ship as we have too few actual warships remaining. Absolute disgrace to those who fought and died.

  18. Charlotte Henderson


  19. brian sprott UNITED KINGDOM

    Spread the word. This is what Plymouth needs

  20. Will Martil UNITED KINGDOM

    There’s bags of space for her to be permanently moored at Millbay Docks,here in Plymouth. It’s Vivien Pengelly,the present Leader of the Council,and the rest of her coterie who are the problem. Hopefully,after May 3rd,they will no longer be in a position to obstruct this.

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