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Created March 26, 2012 by frederick


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  1. Sharon Jones

    I’m ashamed to say I’m a Plymothian when the leaders of our once proud city can let this wonderful old lady go for scrap. For the last 20 yrs or so, each Plymouth council has tried to distance themselves from our illustrious Maritime past and I think it’s an outrage.

  2. Colin Jones

    As an ex RN man, and a present RFA rating I’m proud to add my name to this petition.

  3. George G Heal UNITED KINGDOM

    I HOPE THIS WORKS The ship should be preservered

  4. Marc Hurds UNITED STATES

    We should be preserving our naval heritage, not destroying it.

  5. John Byrne

    Having served on Rothesay class in the seventies, I urge that this last ship be saved.

  6. Pete Carson UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t do it

  7. Sue Stewart

    Save this ship.

  8. Mary and Ray Wills UNITED KINGDOM

    We support saving this ship – would be great to have HMS Plymouth back home in Plymouth where she was built at Devonport Dockyard; she was not the last RN ship built at Devonport Dockyard though – that honours goes to HMS SCYLLA. We support Lord Owen’s comments about this city and the ship. If anyone wants to see HMS Plymouth being launched there is a DVD out entitled ‘Plymouth Dockyard – Yard’ plus a bonus film on the town of Devonport, there are a number of ship launches on this DVD – professonally put together by the Friends of Plymouth Naval Base Museum. Contact us to obtain a copy on 01752 361700. Save HMS Plymouth!

  9. Mark Langdon UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring her home

  10. Dennis Goddard UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck you have my full support from an ex Chief ops. Don’t give up.

  11. Johnathan Wood UNITED KINGDOM

    Will be a disgrace if it does go to scrap.

  12. Dave Lewis UNITED KINGDOM

    Plymouth City Concil need to be more active in trying to get this ship back to Plymouth

  13. Bernard A Geens UNITED KINGDOM

    Attended launch and consider it would be an asset to Plymouth.

  14. John Gavin UNITED KINGDOM

    Can’t quite believe it’s come to this, signing a petition to save HMS Plymouth. But here goes, one more signature to add to the very long list of people who have backed a campaign to save the Plymouth for a long time. Here’s hoping that I will again be able to board the Plymouth.

  15. Rob Hore GERMANY



    Come on people of Plymouth – save your brave ship, you will be sorry when it is too late.

  17. Kylie Ward UNITED KINGDOM

    This ship should be saved and used as a tourist attraction in the city. It is such a shame that as Plymouth is a historical naval city we have no signs of our naval history around to draw tourists to the region. This is an important piece of history and should be here for others to see!

  18. nicola hanks

    Bring her back to Plymouth, makes us proud.x

  19. Simon Ward UNITED KINGDOM

    This ship has too much history to be scrapped and deserves a place as a tourist attraction in Plymouth.

  20. Clive Chenery UNITED KINGDOM

    Save this ship

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